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abaka [ábaka] n Plant species from which the fibre called Manila hemp comes. It is used for the manufacture of ropes, binder twines, textiles, baskets and hats. abaka [This was formerly a significant industry on Banton Island.] Musa textilis (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub, 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

turse [túrse] n Abaca. abaká

kabakay [kabákay] (der. of bakay) adj Sales well; saleable. [lit: buyable] mabili Kabakay kag mga baligyang mangga ni Norma. Norma’s mangoes sell well. (sem. domains: 6.9.3 - Marketing, - Cheap.)

pabakay [pabakáy] (der. of bakay) v To have somebody buy something (as of a business transaction). (sem. domains: - Buy.)

labakara [labakára] (der. of laba) n Wash cloth; face washer (as of the small toweling cloth used when bathing). bimpo (sem. domains: 5.6.2 - Bathe.)

kabakahan [kabakáhan] n Cattle; possession of cattle; cattle business. bakahan (sem. domains: - Cattle, 1.6.6 - Animal group, - Hoofed animals.)

paabat-abat [pa-abát-abát] vt To expect something to happen. STRESS? nagbabakasakali, maya-maya Nagpaabat-abat sida nak ingwa’t masapoy sa ida. She’s expecting that there will be someone to fetch her. (sem. domains: 3.2.7 - Expect.)

kana₂ [kána] (der. of kang) case To, for people named; at, with people named (as of the goal or location of something with plural ownership). Mabakay ako raha kana Paa. I’ll buy there at Paa’s. (sem. domains: - Until, - Event propositions, - Purpose, goal.)

tugon [túgon] 11.1n A reminder to do something. (sem. domains: - Think about, - Remind.) 1.2vbt To remind, be reminded to do something. paalala Ingtugon sida nak magbisita sa ida nanay pag pa Manila. He was reminded to visit his mother when he went to Manila. Tuguna sida nak magbalik isag. Remind her to come back later. (sem. domains: - Think about.) 22.1n A parting, final request to do something for somebody (eg. buying things); the things requested to be purchased; purchases. Maramo kag ida panugon pag pa Manila nako. The things he requested me to get for him when I went to Manila were many. Kag ida tugon ay ako nabakay. I was able to buy the things he requested. (sem. domains: - Think about, - Remind.) 2.2vbt To request somebody to do something for somebody (often buying things for somebody else when going somewhere). Ingpanugon nako sa ida kag pagbakay it karne. I requested him to buy meat for me. Ingpanugon nida si Rose kang Fely nak magpa-Manila. She requested Rose through Fely to come to Manila. (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request.) 2.3vbt To give parting, order final instructions, command somebody to do something; to give strict orders to somebody, often before leaving or sending them away. Nagtugon nak gador si Nanay sa amo nak indi magpagab-i sa rayan. Mother gave strict orders to us not to stay out late on the street. (sem. domains: 3.6.1 - Show, explain.) der. katugon-tugon

guto₂ [gutó] n A dish of rice meal with beans. guto Kabakay kag ida yuto nak guto. Her cooked rice meal dish with beans sells well. (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food, 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

baho [báhò] (dial. var. anghaw) 1n (prim) Stink, bad smell of something. Baho it iro kag ako nahihingab. The bad smell of a dog is what I inhaled. (sem. domains: 2.3.4 - Smell.) 2adj Stinky, smelly, smelling bad. mabahò Mabáhò kag nidog. The coconut smells bad. Baho nak itlog kag ako nabakay. I bought a bad smelling egg. (sem. domains: 2.3.4 - Smell.) 3vi (prim) To become stinky, smelly (as of bad smell). Nagbaho kag bahog. The animal’s food became smelly. (sem. domains: 2.3.4 - Smell.) 4vi To perceive, find something smells bad, smelly or stinks. Inabahuan ako it sigarilyo. Cigarettes smell bad to me. (sem. domains: 2.3.4 - Smell.) 5n Unfavorable, bad secret or truth about somebody. Aya ako gig-umai baka ipaliwas nako kag imo tanang baho. Don’t tell me in case I let out all the bad secrets about you. (sem. domains: - Bad, - Secret.) comp. bahot sayong , comp. naghungaw kag ida baho , der. mabaho , der. panimahi , der. panimaho

yunot₁ [yunót] 1adj Decomposed; rotten (vegetation). Yunot kag ida nabakay nak utan. The vegetables he bought were rotten. (sem. domains: - Decay.) 2vi To decompose; to rot. bulók Nagyunot kag ida mga tanom. Her plants decomposed.

honda [hónda] n Motorbike. motorsiklo Si Neneng ay nakabakay it honda. Neneng was able to buy a motorbike. (sem. domains: - Vehicle, - Travel by land, - Classifiers.)

guwang [guwáng] n Tree species; palm with large rough leaves that look like an open hand with spread fingers. The leaves are used to weave sleeping mats. Buri Karamo kag nabakay nidang guwang. She had bought many rough palm leaves used in weaving mats. [This palm yields palm wine, alcohol, vinegar, syrup, and sugar. The trunk yields food materials in the form of starch. The buds are used for salads or as a vegetable. Kernels of the young fruit are edible and are made into sweetmeats. The mature seeds are used for beads and buttons. The leaves when crudely extracted, are sometimes twisted into rope. Strips of the unopened leaf are woven into hats, mats, bags, sails, baskets, and other articles.] Corypha Elata (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.) comp. bag nak guwang

kaanam [ka-ánam] (der. of ka-(R), anam) adj Having the quality of rapid expansion or growth. Kaanam kag ako bugas nak nabakay. The rice I bought expands rapidly. Kaanam si Cliff kaysa sa ida mga katyarongan. Cliff is growing faster than the other children his age. (sem. domains: 8.2 - Big, - Increase.)

kaunor [kaunór] adj Meaty, fleshy part of meat. malaman Kaunor kag ako nabakay nak karne. I have bought a meaty piece of meat. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food, - Meat.)

sabak [sábak] 11.1adj Pregnant. 1.2vi To become pregnant. 1.3vt To impregnate. buntís; nagdádalang-táo 22.1v To conceive and carry a child to birth. buntis 33.1vbt To puff out the sails of a boat. hipan Ingsasabakan it hangin kag yadag. The mind is puffing out the sail of a boat. der. ingsasabak

duta₂ [dutâ] 1adj Soft (as of food e.g. rice, meat, and the texture of objects e.g. pillows and wood). Maduta kag ida nabakay nak uyunan. The pillow that she bought was soft. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) 2vi To become soft (as of when food is cooked, especially with water added). malambot Nagduta kag inayaga nak karne. The boiled meat became soft. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) comp. maduta it payar , der. maduta , der. paduta , der. pagkaduta , id. maduta it ilong , id. maduta it puso

kayap₂ [káyap] n Large fence posts. Katibay kag inra kayap nak nabakay. They have bought large fence posts that are strong. (sem. domains: - Wood, - Fence, wall.)

suay ra [suáy ra] part Is it true?; really? totoo bang Suay rang nakabakayey sida’t kotse. Is it true that he has just purchased a car? [This is an expression of surprise.]

tirok₁ [tírok] n A kind of fish. Puro tirok kag nabakay nidang isra. All she’s bought is “tirok” fish.

karuyot [karúyot] adj Sharp. matalas Karuyot kag nabakay nidang kutsilyo. The knife he bought was sharp. (sem. domains: - Help to give birth, - Weapon, shoot, - Eating utensil, - Cooking utensil, 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

matapok [matapók] adj Weak; fragile (as of cloth, rope); tears breaks easily (as of weaving materials). marupok Matapok kaling ako nabakay nak pisi. The rope I bought was very weak.

yusob₃ [yúsob] v To come, go down to town. bumaba, pabayan Mayusob anay ako nak mabakay it isra. I’ll down to town first to buy fish. Nagpangyusob kag mga tawo pabanwa. The people went down to town. (sem. domains: - Go, - Come.)

balag-ang [balág-ang] adj Patchy (as of the empty patches on a corn cob that have no kernels of grain). Kag ida nabakay nak mais ay balag-ang. The corn which he bought is a corn with patchy kernels. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

karukot [karúkot] adj Kindles, burns easily. maningas Karukot kag nabakay ninrong mga kahoy. The firewood they bought kindles easily. (sem. domains: - Wood, 5.5.4 - Burn, 6.6.3 - Working with wood.)

kaset [kasét] n Tape recorder. Ruha it buka kag ida nabakay nak kaset. He had bought a tape recorder with two speakers. (sem. domains: - Recorded music.)

linga [lingá] vi To be, get confused, forgetful. Nalilinga ako kung karamong nagbabakay. I get confused when there’s a lot to buy.

maalsa [maálsa] adj Rise well; light (as of cooking cake, pancakes etc.). alsa Maalsa katong ako nabakay nak bibingka. The ‘bibingka’ rice cake I bought had risen well.

sular [sulár] n Lot, piece of land. lote Nakabakay sina Nino it sular sa Cainta. Nino have bought a piece of land in Cainta.

mapakot [mapákot] adj Acrid taste of unripe banana. paklá Mapakot pa kaling ako nabakay nak saging. The banana I bought was acrid.

tipay [tipáy] n Capis shell. kapis Si Ver ay nagbabakay it bayadan it tipay. Ver buys capis shells. [When bayadan is specified the shell is not living.]

patabo₁ [patábò] n Arrival gift (to be given when one arrives, comes home from somewhere). Waya ako it nabakay nak patabo sa Cagayan. I wasn’t able to buy any arrival gift from Cagayan.

tanang [tanáng] adj Very ripe, overripe. sobrang hinog Kag nabakay nak batag ni Norma ay tanangey. The bananas which Norma had brought is very ripe.

yabo [yabó] adj Soft, tasty to eat (as of cooked root crops). Abang yabo katong amo nabakay nak kayabasa. That squash we bought really sounds soft. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

yubay [yubáy] adj Soft, weak; pliable, bends easily, flexible (as of soft coconutstraw, brooms or the feet of babies that can’t stand yet). malambot Abang yubay ra tong ida nabakay nak silhig. The broom which she bought is very soft.

karamoy [karámoy] adj Thick, heavy cloth. makapal Karamoy it tela tong nabakay nakong kamiseta. I bought a thick cloth kind of Tea-shirt. (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, 5.3 - Clothing, 8.2.3 - Thick, 8.3.6 - Made of, material.)

litik₁ [litík] 1n A crack in something (as of eggshell, bottle). lamat Kag amo nabakay nak itlog ay inggwa it litik. The eggs I bought had a crack in it. 2v To crack, split (as of clay jar, plastic bucket, china cup). Naglitik kag boti tong nagbangga sa pader. The bottle cracked when it bumped the cement wall.

tsampurado₁ [tsampurádo] n Sticky rice; cocoa can be added to make chocolate creamed rice tsampurado Atsampuraduhon nako kag nabakay nak mayagkit. Itsampurado nako katong gata ag cocoa. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

aligi [aligí] n The orange fat of crabs which is more plentiful in the females. aligi Karamong aligi tong alimangong nabakay ni Mel. The crabs Mel bought have lots of orange fat. (sem. domains: - Parts of small animals.)

tsupi₁ [tsúpì] vt To deceive; to cheat of money. niloko Ingtsupi ako nida rutong ako nabakay nak baro. I was cheated by her when I bought the dress.

ganot [gánot] 1n Fibres, strings (as of on root crops e.g. outside cassava, inside sweet potato etc). Kag amo nabakay nak balinghoy ay puno it ganot. The cassava we bought was full of fibres. (sem. domains: - Growing roots, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2adj Fibrous; stringy (as of on root crops e.g. outside cassava, inside sweet potato etc). Karamuan sa maguyangey nak balinghoy ay ganutoney. Most of the old cassava is already stringy. (sem. domains: - Growing roots, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) der. ganuton

kayapar [kayápar] (irreg. infl. mayapar) adj Wide. malapad Nakabakay si Tony it kayapar nak duta sa Balogo. Tony had bought a wide piece of land in Balogo. (sem. domains: 8.2.4 - Wide.)

puswitan₁ [puswitán] n Small sea cucumber. Tong inra puswitan nak nabakay ay inra gingsuya. The small sea cucumber which they bought was used as their sea food dish with rice.

kabug-at sa bulsa [kabúg-at sa búlsa] (comp. of bug-at, bulsa) id Too expensive; a drain on finances. [lit: heavy in pocket] mabigat sa bulsa Kabug-at sa bulsa kag ida inapabakay nak idamuan. The toy that she’s asking me to buy is expensive. Kabug-at sa bulsa it mga maguyang kag magpaeskwela sa kolehiyo. It’s a big expense for parents to send their children to college. (sem. domains: - Price, - Spend.)

tikit [tíkit] n Ticket in a lottery. Kag nabakay nakong tikit sa swepstiks ay nagraog. The Sweepstakes ticket which I bought won.

karhat [kárhat] 1adj Tangy tasting fruits (as of pomelo, orange etc). Makarhat katong ako nabakay nak kabugaw sa Butuan. The pomelo I bought in Butuan tasted tangy. (sem. domains: 2.3.3 - Taste.) 2vi To tingle with a tangy taste (as when eating pomelo, orange etc). Nagkarhat kag ako rila pagkaon it kabugaw. My tongue tingled from the tang of eating pomelo.

lastiko [lastikó] n 1Elastic rubber band; rubber of slingshot, harpoon. goma Mabakay ako it lastiko para sa tirador ni Jolbert. I will buy rubber for Jolbert’s slingshot. (sem. domains: 4.2.7 - Play, fun, 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2Game with rubber bands. (sem. domains: - Game.)

pinakbit [pinákbit] 1n A dish made of string beans, eggplant, okra and squash, salted anchovy sauce, with a small amount of pork which is cooked in oil. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.) 2v To prepare this kind of dish. pinakbit Apinakbiton yang nako kaling ako nabakay nak otan. I’ll prepare these vegetables that I bought into a dish called pinakbit. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)

dipekto [dipékto] 1n Defect, blemish, injury, fault. Syn: diperensya, dipekto 3. (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, 6.3.8 - Veterinary science, 7.9 - Break, wear out, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.) 2v To be, have a defect, blemish, injury, fault. dipekto Sigurado akong dipekto tong ako nabakay nak termos. I am sure that the thermos bottle I bought is defective. (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, 6.3.8 - Veterinary science, 7.9 - Break, wear out, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.) 3v To be (without) defect, blemish, injury, fault; perfect, unblemished, faultless. Syn: diperensya, dipekto 1. (sem. domains: 2.5 - Healthy, 6.3.8 - Veterinary science, - Perfect, 7.9 - Break, wear out, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.) comp. wayat dipekto

busa [búsà] part 1Because; therefore; that's why (as in alibi, excuse). kasi Waya busa ako girayan sa ida dati. That's why I didn’t bother to go by her place before. Mabakay ako it buyong, masakit busa kaling ako anak. I’ll buy medicine because this child of mine is sick. (sem. domains: - Reason.) 2It's your fault (as of for something wrong). kasi Imo busa ingpaidamo kag mga anak sa karsada kada igwa’t naligis it dyip. It’s your fault a child was run over by the jeep because you let them play in the road. Sida busa’y nunot-nunot, kada ya ako gibatuna. It’s his own fault for coming along so I wasn’t accepted. Ikaw busa’y kaon-kaon it hilaw nak badabas kada nahaprusan ka it bituka. It’s your own fault you have a stomach ache because you ate the unripe guavas. Imo busa imbakoy kag iro kadâ kinagat ka. It’s your fault for hitting the dog, so it bit you. Busa imong bakoy kag iro kada kinagat ka. Because you hit the dog therefore it bit you. (sem. domains: - Blame.)

kaliskis [kalískis] 1n Scale. (sem. domains: - Parts of a fish.) 2adj Scaley. kaliskis Masyarong kaliskison ra katong imo nabakay nak isra. The fish you bought was so scaley.

labot₂ [lábot] n To not be concerned about something, somebody; to not care. pakialam Waya ako’t labot hina sa rayaga aber masabakan sida. I don’t care about that girl even if she gets pregnant.

muhmog [múhmog] n Crumbs; broken pieces (as of crackers). durog Karamong muhmog kag tinapay sa lata nak ida nabakay. There are many broken pieces in the can of biscuits which you bought.

timyas [tímyas] n Desires which are strong. pagnanais Kag ida timyas nak makabakay it dyip ay nagkamatuor. His strong desire to be able to buy a jeep materialized. syn: hanrom 1, hangar 2.

butngo [bútngo] n Fish species; limpids, limpets found in salt water and that stick on the gills of fish. Karamong butngo sa hasa it tong isra nak ida nabakay. The fish which she bought had many salt water limpets stuck on its gills. [This fish is a white scaley, oblong marine parasite about 2.5cm long that lays flat on the host.] (sem. domains: - Fish.)

mas₂ adj More than. higít sa Mas maganda kag ida nabakay nak sapatos kaysa sa ako. The shoes she bought are more beautiful than mine.

yansa [yánsa] 1.1adj Foul smell of fish; bad, wild smell, taste of food (as of birds). malansa Abang yansa katong amo suya nak nabakay sa restauran. The viand we bought in the restaurant tasted really bad.

balustri [bálustri] n Bannisters; hand railings on verandahs, stairs; balustrades. balustre Mabakay ako it balustri sa Libertad para sa amo bayay. I will buy bannisters in Libertad for our house. (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.)

ing-isip-isip [ing-isip-ísip] v To weigh things up in one’s mind; to evaluate, think about something. inisip-isip Ing-isip-isip ni Norma kung mabakasyon sida sa Manila. Norma weighed things up first to see if she will take a vacation in Manila. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test.)

balantik [balántik] (dial. var. bantik) n Woody bitter part in a fruit or vegetable (as in pumpkin, sweet potato, guava, etc.). Katong amo nabakay nak madabas ay karamuan ay bantikey. The guavas we bought mostly were woody. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant, 1.5.7 - Plant diseases.) der. balantikon

masitera₁ [masitéra] n Flower pots. paso Buko maadong klase katong mga masitera nak ako nabakay. The flower pots I bought were not a good kind.

habit [habít] n Tendon, sinew, gristle, cartilage. Mas ramo kag habit kisa unor it tong karneng ida nabakay. There are more sinews than meaty part in that meat which she has bought. (sem. domains: 1.6.2 - Parts of an animal.) der. habiton

kumpay₁ [kumpáy] n Fodder for horses, cows, etc (as of fresh grasses). kumpay Wayaey it mabakay nak kumpay si Nestor para sa ida alaga. Nestor can’t buy fodder for his livestock anywhere. (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields.)

lukso-lukso [lukso-lúkso] adj Out of alignment; crookedly aligned. hindi tuwid Kag amo nabakay nak kahoy ay lukso-lukso kag pagkayagari. The wood we bought was out of alignment for sawing.

pakot [pákot] adj Taste unripe, of alum (as of unripe bananas). pakla Abang pakot ra katong ako nabakay nak batag nak tignatis. Those ‘tignatis’ kind of bananas which I bought really taste unripe.

pigi₁ [pígì] n Back leg of an animal (as of a cut of meat). pige Kung sida ay nagbabakay it karne pigi kag ida gingpipili. If she ever buys meat she would prefer the back leg of animal.

kabay pa [kabáy pa] 1part May it be so; please; hope. sana nga syn: tan-a. (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request, - Hope.) 2v To hope that something will happen, or not happen. sana nga, harinawa Kabay pa nak indi mag-uyan kung mabakasyon kami sa Baguio. I hope it doesn’t rain when we go on vacation in Baguio. der. pangabay

sungo₂ [sungó] n Antennae, feelers of shellfish (as of shrimp, crayfish). Abang hinaba it mga sungo katong amo nabakay nak mga sugpo. The antennae of those prawns we bought were really long.

bukaduon [bukadú-on] adj 1A disease of pigs where their liver is full of white cysts and the pig gets thin. (sem. domains: - Animal diseases, - Pig.) 2A very skinny person (as of like somebody like a pig with a bad liver full of white cysts). Tong inra dyanitor ay pay bukaduon’ey kada ingpabakasyon anay. Their janitor seems to be a skinny person with a bad liver that’s why he was advised to take some leave. (sem. domains: - Thin person.)

kapos [kapós] 1adj To be short of something (money, time, etc.). kapos Waya nako nabakay tong imo panugon dahil kaposey ako maglibot. I wasn’t able to buy your order because I ran short of time to go around. syn: kuli 1, habot 3, masahoy, hirap 1, kabos 1, gipit 3. (sem. domains: - Lack.) 2vi To be short of something. Nakakapos ako it kwarta pag barato kag lugit. I got short of money when the price of copra fell.

kwadrado [kwadrádo] (irreg. infl. kwadro/kwatro) adj Square shape. kwadrado, parisukat Tong lote nak amo nabakay ay tig singkwenta kag metro kwadrado. The lot we bought was fifty pesos per square metre. Kinang amo lote ay singkwenta por singkwenta metro kwadrado. Our lot is fifty by fifty metres square.

tsanggi [tsanggî] n Stalls temporarily set up to sell goods (as in a market). tsanggi Kag ida bag-ong baro ay hagto nabakay sa tsanggi sa Quezon City. Her new dress was bought at the market stalls temporarily set up in Quezon City.

sabang₁ [sabáng] part Might be; maybe. baka sakali, baka Mapauliey ako nak sabang inghahanapey ako sa amo. I’m going home now for they might be looking for me at home. Sabang indi ikaw makabakay it karne kung isag ka pa napa-merkado. You might not be able to buy meat if you go to the market later. sim: abat 1, sabaling.

tiis yang sa manok [tíis yang sa manók] idiom - Convert to subentry Put up with just eating chicken! (joke when eating good food like chicken instead of daily diet of fish). tiis lang sa manok Tiis yang kamo sa manok ha waya busa nakauli nak mabakay it isra. You just put up with chicken as I was not able to go to town to buy fish.

horhor [hórhor] v To press heavily; to rub hard, against, scrub, polish (as of one’s hand, an iron). punas Paki horhor baga it labakara kaling ako likor. Horhori it maado ha!. Please rub hard with the wash cloth on my back won’t you. Rub it hard hah! (sem. domains: - Rock, - Move back and forth, - Actions of the hand, 5.6 - Cleaning.)

pasiladon₂ [pasiládon] vt To do something simultaneously with something else; to have two purposes in one action. pinakipadala Ingpasiladon yangey kang Betty it katong imo puno kag pagraya it mga papeles pa-Manila. Betty’s boss had her take the papers along with her when she went to Manila. Ingpasiladon nida sa paglibang it ida anak kag pagtawag sa mga bisita. She went to call the visitors and at the same time entertained her baby. Mapasiladon baga it pabakay it buyong pag pa Odiongan nak mapamaraka? Will you buy me some medicine in Odiongan at the same time you do your shopping? (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

sampika [sampiká] n A large shell hanging to make a pendant. palawit Inggwa ra si Melba it nabakay nak pagkarakong sampika roto sa Muslim. Melba bought her shell pendant from the Muslim.

tinguha [tinguhâ] vt To achieve something; to set a goal; to strive, endeavour to gain something; to woo a girl. nagsikap, nagtiyaga Atinguhaon nakong makabakay sa suyor it limang tuig it bag-ong kotse. I’ll set a goal that within five years I’ll be able to buy a new car. It kato si Nanay Leoning, usa sa ako mga tiya ay rayaga pang gingtinguha pa kag ida matam-is nak oho ni Tatang Onti nak taga-Mar-as. Back then Aunty Leoning, one of my aunts was still single and Uncle Onti from Mar-as, was still striving to win her sweet “yes”. syn: sikap.

suwa₂ [suwâ] n Kalamansi; lime. kalamansi Si Nang Norma ay waya it nabakay nak suwa dahil abang kuli sa merkado. Aunty Norma couldn’t buy limes because they’re very scarce in the market.

pisitas [pisítas] n Twenty centavos. biente Waya sida kabakay it tinapay dahil a pisitasey kag ida kwarta sa kahita. He wasn’t able to buy bread because there was only 20 centavos left in his wallet.

rinaguso [rinagúso] v To crowd around; to jostle. kalumpon Gamon gador kag mga tawo magrinaguso kung nagbabakay it isra sa merkado. People are used to crowding around when buying fish in the market.

kanit [kanít] adj Thin; skinny. payat Pay waya ra it mabakay it nang imo aihawon nak baktin nak abang kanit ra. It seems like no one will buy your butchered pig because it’s very thin. (sem. domains: - Thin thing, 1.6 - Animal, - Pig.)

tan-a₁ [tán-a] 11.1part Would have but didn’t; was supposed to do something but didn’t (as of contrafactual or hypothetical relationsand a thwarted plan); would have....; should have... sana Nag-abot tan-a si Neysa itahapon. Neysa was supposed to arrive yesterday. Ikaw tan-a kag amo impili nak lider. You would have been our choice for leader. Nagpali tan-a ako pero ay nag-uyan. I would have come but it rained. Kung waya giuyan nagpali tan-a ako. If it hadn’t rained I would have come. Nabakay nida katong baro tan-a kung waya ka giabot ag nagsiling nak mahay. That dress was the one she would have bought if you hadn’t arrived and said it was expensive. Kung tan-a ay nag-uyan natanom kag payay. If it would have rained the rice would have been planted. Mapa-Manila tan-a ako ugaling waya ako’t kanunot. I would have gone to Manila but I didn’t have a companion. 22.1part Think; might (as of a polite softener when complaining). Inggwa tan-a ako it ireklamo. I think I have a complaint to make.

buko man ra [bukô man ra] (comp. of buko, man, ra) id Not really true!; just joking. [lit: not really also] hindi naman Ayag pati sa ida istorya nak mabakay kami it kotse buko man ra kato matuor. Don’t believe him that we’ll buy a new car, that’s not really true. (sem. domains: - No, not.)

salimuyakot [salimuyákot] (irreg. infl. samuyakot) vbt To be mixed together; to get mixed up (as of people, confused speech). halu-halo Nagsalimuyakot kag ida mga plano nak kung mapakasay o mabakay anay it duta. His plans got mixed up whether to purchase a lot or marry. syn: saliabor 1.

hakop [hákop] n 1A measure of two hands full of something. Ingrugangan ni Beto it usang hakop nak isra tong usang kilong ako nabakay sa ida. Beto added two hands full of fish to the one kilo I bought from him. (sem. domains: - Few, little.) 2To scoop up two hands full. Ida ginghakop kag bugas sa lata. He scooped the rice out of the can with his hands. (sem. domains: - Big container, volume.)

imbiyunado [imbiyunádo] n A small woven basket for rice. Nag-uli si Rose sa banwa nak mabakay it bugas pero ay nabilin kag ida imbiyunado. Rose went to town to buy rice but her small woven basket for rice was left. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats, - Winnow grain.)

kuridas [kurídas] v To put together a fair mixture, number of large and small items, as of fruit, all for the same price (so that no one gets all of one kind). parehas Kuridasa kag pagbalot sa silopeyn kinang mga mangga agor ay waya’t lugi sa mabakay. Mix large and small mangoes when putting them in plastic bags so there will be no loss when they’re bought. (sem. domains: 7.5.3 - Mix.)

danyos perwisyo [dányos perwísyo] (comp. of danyos, perwisyo) n A fine, restitution payment for damages, wrongdoing or shame caused to somebody (as of a payment to the victim of a crime or injury). [lit: restitution to-damage] danyos perwisyo Inghagaran si Digoy it danyos perwisyo dahil waya nida gipakasayi tong ida nasabakang kabadi. Digoy was obliged to pay a fine for causing such shame because he did not marry his pregnant girlfriend. (sem. domains: - Fine.)

sikreta [sikréta] n Secret agent; undercover police, agent. Nagkunyari yang si Bal nak usang adik para makabakay it mariwana ugai yaki kato sida ay usang sikreta. Bal pretended that he was an addict so that he could buy marijuana but actually he’s a secret agent.