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-ng irreg. infl. of nak

a [a] part Sf Also; agree. Maganda yaki kali a! Oh I agree this is pretty! syn: ag 1. (sem. domains: - Compatible, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

aba₁ [abá] excl Oh wow!; Oh! (as of amazement and joy). Aba! bag-o yaki kamo it bayay. Oh! you have a new house now. (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

aba₂ [abá] excl Ooh no!; Ooh how awful!; Really! (as of shock and sympathy). (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

abadawan [abadáwan] (der. of badaw) 1n Something carried between people (as of a load, coffin etc. requiring two or more to carry). (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.) 2v Will carry something between two or more people. (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.) 3v Symbol of death to dream of carrying a big fish, box etc. between people (as of like carrying a coffin). (sem. domains: - Funeral, 2.6.6 - Die.)

abaga [abága] n The human shoulder (as of between the neck and the shoulder joint). balíkat (sem. domains: 2.1.2 - Torso.)

abagamuta [abagamútà] (der. of bagamuta) adj Very small (as of amounts, quantities of something). (sem. domains: 8.2.1 - Small, - Less.)

abaka [ábaka] n Plant species from which the fibre called Manila hemp comes. It is used for the manufacture of ropes, binder twines, textiles, baskets and hats. abaka [This was formerly a significant industry on Banton Island.] Musa textilis (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub, 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

abandonado [abandonádo] adj Abandoned. (sem. domains: - Abandon.) comp. abandonadong anak

abandonadong anak [abandonádong anák] (comp. of abandonado, anak) nom Street child; homeless child. [lit: abandoned child] Karamong abandonadong anak kag waya’t istaran. There are many street children who don’t have a place to live in. (sem. domains: - Child.)

abang [abáng] adv Very; a lot. Abang taas kag ida yukso. His jump was a very high one. syn: bayabag 4, sagang 1, sapong, harang 3, taming. (sem. domains: - To a large degree.) comp. abang hiwas , comp. abang musang

abang bali [abang bali] n Good. (sem. domains: - Advise.)

abang hiwas [abáng hiwás] (comp. of abang, hiwas) adj Moves a lot; restless. [lit: very moving] syn: mahiwas. (sem. domains: 7.2 - Move.)

abang musang [abáng músang] (comp. of abang, musang) n Very dirty (as of the face of a child). [lit: very face-first-in-dirt] (sem. domains: - Child.)

abang tugas it uyo [abáng tugás it úyo] (comp. of tugas) id Stubborn; hard headed. [lit: very hard of head] Abang tugas it uyo ag indi mabaoy it usang bisaya tong putong anak nina Gemma. The youngest child of Gemma is stubborn and can't be swayed by anything. (sem. domains: - Stubborn.)

abano [abáno] n Fish species which grows13-20cm. galonggong, gigi Kag paboritong isra it mga estudyante sa Maynila ay abano. The favorite fish of some students in Manila is the fish “galonggong” there. [This is a plentiful cheap fish bought by most ordinary families and therefore from which the "price of fish" is estimated in the general market. It is available most of the year except during the monsoon months of August and September.] (sem. domains: - Fish.)

abansa [abánsa] v To be delayed; to be late; to be taking a long time. (sem. domains: - Wait.) der. abansado

abansado [abansádo] (der. of abansa) adj Delayed; late; taking a long time. atrasado Abansado ako sa oras sa pagtrabaho it kali. I don’t have enough time to do this. Abansado kag ida pag imbita sa ako kada waya ako nakatambong. Her invitation to me was too late therefore I wasn’t able to attend. (sem. domains: - Late.)

abanti [abánti] v To advance, go or move forward (as of instructions to soldiers or trucks when loading or unloading). Giabanti baga kamo para matadlong kag linya? Will you please move forward so we can straighten the line? Sa wakas ay nag-abanti ra kag pila sa bakyanan it selyo. At last the line to the stamp counter went forward. (sem. domains: - Move forward.) der. paabanti

abanti kamo [abánti kamó] interj Advance all of you!; you move forward! (sem. domains: - Move forward.)

abara [abára] n A medicinal powder of beige color used to stop vomiting or diarrhoea. Ako ay nagbakay it abara para ibuyong sa ako anak nak nagsuka. I bought the medicinal powder for treating my child when he vomited. [It is also said to improve libido and sexual performance.] (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine.)

abat [ábat] (fr. var. abat ay) part 1Lest; in case; in the event of (as of a warning regarding something unexpected or an anticipated contingency which may effect one’s actions). sim: sabang, sabaling; Syn: baka 1, amat. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - Reason.) 2Probably; likely; might (that something is true or will occur). (sem. domains: - Probably, 9.2.6 - Particles.) der. pa-abat-abat

abat ay [ábat ay] fr. var. of abat

abay [ábay] 1n Male or female wedding attendant; secondary sponsor; bridesmaid, groomsman or bestman (as of personal friends of the bride and groom). (sem. domains: 2.6.1 - Marriage.) 2vi To be a wedding attendant, secondary sponsor, bridesmaid, groomsman or bestman (as of female or male personal friends of the bride and groom). abay Nag-abay sida sa kasay ni Lita. She acted as a secondary sponsor for Lita’s wedding. (sem. domains: 2.6.1 - Marriage.)

abay-an it ngayan [abáy-an it ngáyan] (comp. of baoy, ngayan) id To discredit, dishonor one's name or character; to lose one's good name or reputation. [lit: remove name] nawalan ng pangalan Nabay-an sida it ngayan tong nagpangayaki kag ida asawa. He felt dishonored when his wife committed adultery. (sem. domains: - Despise someone, - Criticize.)

abaya [abáya] 1n Late-comer (as of a nickname for somebody who is always late.) (sem. domains: - Delay.) 2adj Late, delayed, postponed, held up, detained. huli Permi sidang abaya magbadar sa iwag. She’s always late in paying for the light. (sem. domains: - Delay.) 3vt To delay, keep somebody late. Aabayahon sida nako sa ida trabaho. I will keep her from her work. Naabaya ako it pag-abot dahil nag-istoryahan pa kami it tong ako amiga. I was delayed in arriving because I was still chatting with my friend. sim: hawir 1, ungan-ungan; Syn: atraso 1. (sem. domains: - Delay.) der. maabaya

aber [abér] 1adv Even. (sem. domains: - Concession.) 2conj Even if; even though. (sem. domains: - Concession.) comp. aber hariin , comp. aber hariing lupalop , comp. aber kanin-o , comp. aber kauno , comp. aber niong rason , comp. aber pariin , comp. aber pauno , comp. aber pila , comp. aber sauno , comp. aber sin-o sa inro , comp. aber sio , comp. aber...o

aber ano [abér anó] fr. var. of aber nio

aber anong parayan [abér anóng paráyan] fr. var. of aber niong parayan

aber hariin [abér hari-ín] (dial. var. aber hiin; irreg. infl. aber hiin) (comp. of aber, hariin) loc Wherever there is; anywhere there is (as of where something "is" located or exists). [lit: even where] (sem. domains: - Indefinite location.)

aber hariing lupalop [abér hari-íng lupálop] (comp. of aber, hariin, lupalop) id Everywhere on earth; every corner of the earth; every little place; every 'nook and cranny'; the ends of the earth. [lit: even where small-place] (sem. domains: 4.6.7 - Region.)

aber hiin₁ [abér hi-ín] dial. var. of aber hariin

aber hiin₂ [abér hi-ín] irreg. infl. of aber hariin

aber kag batong bantiling, mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi [abér kag batóng bantíling, mabúkà gihápon sa túyò it túbì] (comp. of bato, bantiling, bukâ, tuyo, tubi) say Persistence in even small things pays off. [lit: even the hardest stone, will still break with the dripping of water] Aber kag batong bantiling mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi.
Even the hardest stone will still be split apart by the dripping of water.
(sem. domains: - Determined, - Word.)

aber kag-uno [abér kag-unó] fr. var. of aber kauno

aber kanin-o [abér kanín-o] (comp. of aber, kanin-o) pro From whomever; from anyone (something belongs or has been given). [lit: even whose] (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns, 8.1.5 - All.)

aber kauno [abér ka-unó] (fr. var. aber kag-uno) (comp. of aber, kauno) time Whenever; any time (something happened). [ lit: even when-past] (sem. domains: 8.4.3 - Indefinite time.)

aber nio [abér ni-ó] (fr. var. aber ano) pro Whatever; anything. [lit: even what] (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.) comp. aber niong parayan

aber niong parayan [abér ni-óng paráyan] (fr. var. aber anong parayan) (comp. of aber nio, parayan) pro By whatever means; by any means (something is done or happens). [lit: even what means/method] (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

aber niong rason [abér ni-óng rasón] (comp. of aber, nio, rason) pro Whatever reason; any reason whatever (as of "why ever") (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns, - Reason.)

aber pariin [abér pari-ín] (comp. of aber, pariin) pro To wherever; to anywhere (as of the place towards where one is going). [lit: even to-where] (sem. domains: - Towards, - Indefinite pronouns.)

aber pauno [abér pa-unó] (comp. of aber, pauno) pro However; any way (something is done). [lit: even how] (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

aber pila [abér pilá] (comp. of aber, pila) pro However many; any number. [lit: even how-many] (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

aber pilang asawa ay pweding makita pero kag nanay ay ausa yang [abér piláng asáwa ay pwéding makítà péro kag nánay ay ausá yang] (comp. of usa) say One's mother must be respected because one can have many spouses but only one mother. [lit: however many spouses can be found but a mother is only one] Kahit ilang asawa ay pweding makita pero ang ina ay iisa Tong masaduran ni Veron nak naglaban kag ida nobya sa ida nanay ay nagpaindi sidang magpakasay dahil siling nida aber pilang asawa ay pweding makita pero kag nanay ay ausa. When Veron learned that his girlfriend had a fight with his mother he backed out of being married to her because he said, any number of wives can be found but one only has one mother. (sem. domains: - Father, mother, - Saying, proverb.)

aber riin [abér ri-ín] loc Wherever; anywhere (as of any location left, reached or mentioned in relation to other things). [lit: even where] kahit saan Aber riin ako magpagto ay nagsusunor kag iro nako. My dog follows after me wherever I go. (sem. domains: - Indefinite location.)

aber sauno [abér sa-unó] (comp. of aber, sauno) time Whenever; anytime (something will happen). [lit: even when-future] (sem. domains: 8.4.3 - Indefinite time.)

aber sin-o [abér sin-ó] fr. var. of aber sio

aber sin-o sa inro [abér sin-ó sa inró] (comp. of aber, sin-o) pro Anyone of you; Whoever among you. [lit: even who to you] kahit sin-o sa inyo Aber sin-o sa inro ay pwede mag-aray it pagyuto. Anyone of you can learn culinary arts. syn: baka inggwa sa inro, sin-o sa inro, ingwa sa inro. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns, 8.1.5 - All.)

aber sio [abér si-ó] (fr. var. aber sin-o) (comp. of aber, sio) pro Whoever; anyone. [lit: even who] kahit Ataw-an nako kali sa aber sio nak napali. I will give this to whoever comes. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

aber...o [abér...o] (comp. of aber, o) conj Either...or (as of disjunction). [lit: even...or] (sem. domains: - Two.)

aberiya [aberíya] vi To have mechanical trouble. aberiya Maaberiya yaki kaling dyip, asing waya nimo gipakandua? Oh this jeep will have mechanical trouble, why didn’t you fix it? (sem. domains: 7.9.1 - Damage.)

abi nimo [ábi nímo] (comp. of abi) part Sinl You know what!; did you know? (as of an excited exclamation or query used rhetorically as introduction to what one wants to say). [lit: presume you] (sem. domains: - Introduce, 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

abi-abi [abi-ábi] vt To greet someone. bati Nag-aabi-abi si Pastor it mga bag-ong miyembro it simbahan. Pastor is greeting the new members of the church. syn: bati. (sem. domains: - Greet.) der. maabi-abihon , der. paabi-abi

abi₁ [ábi] part 1Know for sure or certain; known to be (as of certainty or a recognised fact). [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) 2For example. [This particle is the 6th position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable, and closely follows the conditional pronoun kung "if".] (sem. domains: - Explain.) 3Please tell them to understand my importunity or inability to help (as of applying social pressure when sending a message through an intermediary regarding one's inability to respond as requested). daw Pasensya abi nak waya kami it bugas. Please say I’m sorry but we have no rice. (sem. domains: - Advise.) 4Come on, please! (as of applying social pressure to coax someone to do what is wanted). (sem. domains: - Persuade.) 5Hope so; I wish; lucky things! (as of a statement of wish or envy). (sem. domains: - Jealous, 3.3 - Want.) 6Because in someone's opinion (as of why a certain action was taken). (sem. domains: - Explain.) comp. abi nimo

abi₂ [ábi] irreg. infl. of kabi

abibar [abibár] 1n An invitation. (sem. domains: - Invite.) 2vt To invite somebody. imbita Ging-abibar ni Misuari si Cory nak magbisaya sinra tungor sa problema it mga Muslim sa Mindanao. Misuari invited Cory to have a peace talk about the Muslim problem in Mindanao. (sem. domains: - Invite.) 3v To treat hospitably. asikaso Kung inggwa it bisita sa inra ay inaabibar gador nida. When there are visitors in their house she treats them hospitably. (sem. domains: - Show hospitality.)

abil [abíl] n The male testes where one is larger and lower than the other. (sem. domains: - Male organs.)

abilidad [abílidad] n 1Ability. (sem. domains: - Expert.) 2Bad habits, behavior (as of swearing, fighting, yelling etc.). (sem. domains: - Expert.)

abisar-an [abisár-an] (der. of bisaya) v To scold, rebuke, speak harshly to somebody. (sem. domains: 3.6.5 - Correct.)

abisayahan [abisayáhan] (der. of bisaya) v To scoldingly advise somebody. (sem. domains: 3.6.5 - Correct.)

abiso [abíso] n Notification; information; summons. (sem. domains: - Announce.) der. paabiso

abit [abít] 1vt To hang something on, over, from one's shoulder (as of a handbag or a sling for a baby or broken arm). idinuyan Ing-abit nida sa tamong kag anak mayungot sa gaha. She put the baby in the blanket cradle close to the window. [A baby sling is made of heavy cloth hung over one shoulder or draped across the body from one shoulder. The baby may be carried in the front, side or back.] (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease, - Care for a baby, - Hang.) 2vt To hang up a baby hammock in a house. [A baby's cradle is a hammock made of a blanket, rattan or rope which is hung up at just one point on either end.] (sem. domains: - Care for a baby, - Hang.) 3v To get ready to leave, go out by getting one's bag (as of putting one's bag on one's shoulder or under one's arm, or putting a bumbag on one's waist or a baby in a carrier on one's body). (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing, - Prepare.) der. abit-abit , der. abitan

abit-abit [abit-ábit] (der. of abit) v To start getting ready to leave, go out by getting one's bag (as of getting a shoulder bag, bumbag or baby sling). (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing, - Prepare.) der. inabit-abit

abitan [abítan] (der. of abit) n 1Baby sling hung across the body from one shoulder. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.) 2Baby cradle made like a hammock and hung from one point at either end (as of made of cloth or woven bamboo). (sem. domains: - Bed, - Care for a baby.) 3Sling for a broken arm. duyan (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.)

abito [abíto] n Priest's stole which is made in a different color for each season of the church calendar. Sari-sari kag kolor it abito nak ingsosoksok it pari para sa iba’t ibang okasyon. The priests’s stoles are of different colours which are worn for different occasions. (sem. domains: 4.9.8 - Religious things.)

abiyo [abíyo] n Financial aid, donation or assistance. pera Waya sinra giparay-i it abiyo it inra maguyang kada nagutom sinra. Their parents did not send them financial aid that’s why they starved. (sem. domains: - Give, donate.)

abo [abó] 1n Ashes (as of the powdery gray residue from a fire). (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 2vbt To put ashes somewhere (as of on something or somebody). abó Ingabuhan nako kag ida tsinelas. I put ashes on her slippers. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) der. abuhan , der. abuhon

abor [ábor] v To hover (as of a bird). Kad agila ay nag-aabor sa mga manok. The eagle is hovering over the chickens. (sem. domains: - Fly.) der. abor-abor

abor-abor [abor-ábor] (der. of abor) v To fly round in circles (as of a bird circling above it's prey). Kag agila ay nag-abor-abor mayungot sa kulungan it manok. The eagle flew around in circles near the poultry pen. (sem. domains: - Fly.)

abot-abot [abot-ábot] (der. of abot) 1adv Intermittently; comes and goes; comes from time to time. (sem. domains: - Interval.) 2v To visit, reach many places; to travel widely. Si Nene ay nakakaabot-abot sa ibang lugar it katong sida’y rayaga pa. Nene reached many places when she was still single. (sem. domains: - Visit.) comp. abot-abot yang , der. abot-abutan , der. paabot-abot

abot-abot yang [abot-ábot yang] (comp. of abot-abot, abot, yang) adj Just intermittently; just comes and goes; just comes from time to time. [lit: arrive-arrive just] Abot-abot yang kag hapros it ida bituka. Her stomach pains come intermitently. (sem. domains: - Interval.)

abot-abutan [abot-abután] (der. of abot-abot, abot) n A game of tag. [This is a group game where one person has to chase the others until one is caught. Then that person is the next person to do the chasing.] (sem. domains: - Game.)

abot-abuton [abot-abutón] dial. var. of alabuton

abot₁ [abót] 1n Arrival, coming. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 2v To arrive, come somewhere (as of somebody arriving on one's doorstep or bad weather hitting one's town). Ka ida abot ay insulip. His arrival is tomorrow. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 3v To have a feeling, sensation come upon or over somebody (as of sadness or hunger). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, 3.4 - Emotion.) 4v To infect, be infected with a sickness. Nag-abot kag bisita it kuman. The visitor arrived earlier. Aabutan ikaw it mga bisita. You will have visitors arrive. Paabuton nimo sida sa Paskwa. You let her come for Christmas. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.) 5v To reach out to a certain point (as of to give, pass or touch someone with something). Aabutan ikaw nako it buyak. I will give you the flower. (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.) 6prep Until. Nag-abot sa ako kag gutom tong kami’y magbaktas it mayado. Hunger overcame me when we hiked a far distance. Ing-abot ako it kabuyong pagkabaton it suyat. I was overcome with homesickness when I received the letter. (sem. domains: - Interval.) 7v To last for, until a certain time. Apaabuton nako it usang adlaw kag kapada. I’ll make the papaya last for one day. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere.) comp. abot-abot yang , comp. bag-ong abot , der. abot-abot , der. paabot , der. paabuton , der. pangngangabot

abot₂ [ábot] 1n A point reached (as in height or attainment). abot Ka ida yang abot it eskwela ay grade six. He only reached grade six at school. (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.) 2adj Reachable; can be reached by someone or something. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 3excl Got you! caught! (as of when one is hit or tagged with the hand during a game). (sem. domains: 7.7 - Physical impact, - Game.) 4vbt To catch, catch up with somebody or something; to arrive in time to get, give or do something. Aabuton nako sida sa kulungan. I will catch him in the chicken coop. Iabot nako sa ida kaling nabilin nida nak raya. I will catch up to him and give him the things he left behind. Nakaabot ako it isra sa merkado. I arrived in time to get fish in the market. Naabutan nako sida hampig sa ospital. I caught up with him near the hospital. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) der. abot-abutan , der. paabot-abot

aboy [abóy] part Do you think, suppose?; in your opinion?. [This particle is the 2nd position enclitic in the Verb Phrase as well as moveable.] kaya Kung ato anay aboy abuhian kag manok, indi mawagit? Do you think that if we let the chicken run free for a while it won’t get lost? Nio aboy kag imo masisiling diling bersikulo? What do you think this verse means? Pati nidog aboy ay natumba it tong bagyo? Do you think the coconuts also fell over in that typhoon? (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.)

aboy man ra [abóy man ra] fr. var. of aboy ra man

aboy ra man [abóy ra man] (fr. var. aboy man ra) excl Not really, just joking!; not really true, as I made, led you to believe! (as of a joking reply to contradict one’s previous words). [lit: your-opinion also even] (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

abri [ábri] v 1To open something (as of opening a cupboard). buksan Abrihi baga kag radyo nak mapamati kita it balita. Please turn on the radio so we can hear the news. Ingabrihan nako kag gaha. I opened the window. syn: gabot 1, bugnot, hugnot 1, gabot 2, hugot 1, hugnot 3, guna, bukar 1, bukâ 4, bukas 3, hugkot, bira 2, randa, balingling, gudor, kubra 1, udong, hiknit 2, gunot, dordor 2. (sem. domains: 7.3.6 - Open.) 2To turn on a machine (as of a radio, lights). (sem. domains: - Working with electricity, - Radio, television.) der. abrido , der. abridor , der. abyerto , der. pang-abri

abrido [abrído] (der. of abri) adj 1Open (as of a window etc). bukas Abrido kag inra gaha sa kusina. The window of their kitchen is open. (sem. domains: 7.3.6 - Open.) 2Turned on or on (as of a radio or lights). (sem. domains: - Working with electricity, - Radio, television.)

abridor [abridór] (der. of abri) n Opener for a bottle or can (as of the instrument). pambukas syn: pang-abri. (sem. domains: 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

abrigo [abrígo] dial. var. of alimongmong

abril [Abríl] n The month of April. Abríl (sem. domains: - Months of the year.)

abrod [abród] v To go overseas. nangibang bansa Kung mag-abrod kag ida asawa ay mapatulay sinra it tinrahan. If her husband goes overseas to work they will put up a store. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel.)

abswelto [abswélto] v To acquit . abswelto Si Imelda ay naabswelto sa ida mga kaso nak pagpanakaw. Imelda was acquitted on her case of racketeering. (sem. domains: - Vindicate.)

abtik [ábtik] 1adj Agile, lively, active, energetic, fit. Maabtik gihapon sida aber maguyangey. She’s still energetic even though she’s old. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 2sta To be, become agile, lively, active, energetic or fit. maliksi Naabtik sida pagkaehersisyo. He becomes energetic after doing exercise. syn: liksi. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 3vt To hasten, speed up or increase the pace. bilisán Ing-abtik nida kag pagpanaw agur indi sida maulihi pa-mitingan. He hastened his walking so that he wouldn’t be late for the meeting. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) der. maabtik

abugado [abugádo/abugáda] 1n Lawyer; attorney; solicitor; barrister. [male/female] (sem. domains: - Legal personnel.) 2vt To become a lawyer, attorney, solicitor, barrister. [male/female] abugado Ingpaabugado nida kag ida maayo nak anak. He let his brilliant child become a lawyer. (sem. domains: - Legal personnel.) der. paabugado

abuhan [abúhan] (der. of abo) n A roofed recess for a fireplace, stove where cooking is done with wood or coconut shell fuel. kalan, lutuan Kag abuhan ay imaw kag ingbubutangan it sig-ang. The cooking fireplace is where the cooking stones are put. Kag abuhan ay indi pweding agamitan it uling. In the cooking fireplace it is not possible to use charcoal. Ida inglimpyuhan kag abuhan. She cleaned the place where the stove is. [The fire is built on a thick layer of ragâ "clay", either between three stones or under a síg-ang "three legged metal stand" on which the cooking pots are placed. The fuel used is either rabók "firewood" or bagóy "dry coconut shells".] (sem. domains: 5.5.7 - Fireplace.)

abuhon [abuhón] (der. of abo) adj Grey; ash grey (as of the color of ashes). kúlay abó (sem. domains: - Gray.)

abukado [abukádo] n Fruit species; avocado. abokado [This is the fruit of some members of trees of the laurel family. The skin is green or purple and the flesh of the fruit is green and pulpy.] (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

abunado [abunádo] (der. of abuno) adj Adding more money (as needed to make a payment). abunado Permi yang nak abunado si Nestor sa ida mga badar sa mga paninra. Nestor always adds more to the payment for his merchandise. (sem. domains: - Pay, - Increase.)

abunda [abúnda] adj Abundant. (sem. domains: - Extra.)

abuno₁ [abúno] 1v To add money that is lacking; to make up the difference, lack or deficit of money; to pay what remains of a debt. Kag ida pamasahe nak kuyang papagto sa Simara ay ako ging-abunuhan. His fare was not enough to get him to Simara so I added to it. syn: rugang 1, rugli. (sem. domains: - Pay, - Increase.) 2vbt To assume, transfer somebody’s debt (so that the debt will now be paid by or to the payer). nag-abuno Aabunuhan nako kag imo utang ruto sa tinrahan. I’ll assume your debt there at the store. (sem. domains: - Repay debt.) der. abunado

abuno₂ [abúno] 1n Fertilizer. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.) 2vbt To use, put fertilizer on a plant. abono Aabunohan nako kag payay. I’ll put fertilizer on the rice plants. (sem. domains: 6.2.1 - Growing crops.) 3n Sexual stimulation (as of joking that one needs loving care and sexual stimulation for one's emotional and physical wellbeing). (sem. domains: 2.6.2 - Sexual relations.)

abunyagan kag baro [abunyagán kag bárò] (comp. of bunyag) exp To initiate, break in, wear a new dress for the first time. [lit: will-baptize the dress] (sem. domains: 5.3.7 - Wear clothing, - Ordinal numbers.)

aburido [aburído] adj Sullen (as of someone who looks worried by problems). aburido (sem. domains: - Sad.)

abusado [abusádo/abusáda] dial. var. of abusador, abuso

abusador [abusadór] (dial. var. abusado) (der. of abuso) 1adj Abusive; presumptuous; taking advantage of somebody or some privilege. Abusador sida maghuman it kalukuhan dahil mayaman sinra. He is abusive in making mischief bacause they are rich. (sem. domains: - Use, 4.1.6 - Disunity.) 2n Abuser; presumptuous person; a person who takes advantage of somebody or some privilege).

abuso [abúso] (dial. var. abusado) 1adj Abusive; presumptuous; taking advantage of somebody or some privilege. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) 2vi To abuse, be presumptuous, take advantage of somebody or some privilege. abuso Maabuso kag anak it paghagar it kuwarta kung imo apasugtan it tao. The child will abuse us by asking for money if we don’t limit the giving of money to him. Ingabuso it tawo kag kabuot it tong maguyang nak negosyante. The man abused the kindness of the old businessman. syn: hinaom, nanali. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) der. abusador

abyerto [abyérto] (der. of abri) adj Open (as of a window etc). bukas Abyerto kag inra hagran kada nakasuyor kag mananakaw. Their door was open that’s why the thieves were able to get in. (sem. domains: 7.3.6 - Open.)

acasya [acásya] sp. var. of akasya

achara [achára] sp. var. of atsara

adag [adág] v To sift, winnow, pass dry items through a sieve (as of sifting flour or peanuts through a woven basket with holes or sifting sand through a metal screen). bithayín, ag-ag Aadagon anay nato kag arina bag-o tubian. We will first sift the flour before putting water on it. (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter, - Winnow grain.) der. adag-adag , der. adagan , id. pay ing-aadag

adag-adag [adag-ádag] (der. of adag) n Shell species; Midas Abalone. [p25 Abbott] Haliotis midae Linne (p25 Abbott). (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

adagan [adágan] (der. of adag) n Sifter, sieve, winnowing basket (as for dry items like flour, peanuts or sand). salaan Naggamit sida it adagan para maging puro pino tong arinang agamiton. She used a sifter so that the flour she will use will be fine. (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter, - Winnow grain.)

adakap [adákap] n Crab species which is small brown and orange, and lives among rocks by the seashore. alimasag Makikita yang kag adakap sa ragat. You can only see this kind of crab in the sea. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

adangatan [adangátan] n Future; end; destiny (as of where somebody will end up as a consequence of their choices). patutunguhan, kahahantungan Waya’t maadong adangatan kag tawo nak waya gitatrabaho. There be no good end for a man who doesn’t work. (sem. domains: - Future, - Destiny.)

adap₁ [ádap] 1adj Being bred (as of an animal); being germinated (as of a plant). (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 6.3 - Animal husbandry.) 2v To breed an animal; to germinate, grow a plant. lahian Maadap tan-a sida it lahi ni Brandy. He wants to breed a strain of dog from Brandy. Aadapon nako kaling klase nak buyak ni Ninay. I will grow the kind of flower Ninay has. Ipaadap namo kaling amo iro kana Nang Cel. We will let our dog breed with the one at Aunty Cel’s. (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 6.3 - Animal husbandry.) 3v To imitate, take on the ways of somebody. (sem. domains: - Imitate.)

adap₂ [adáp] v To adopt a child. Maadap yangey sinrang mag-asawa it anak dahil waya sinra nagkaanak. The couple will just adopt a child because they didn’t have a child. (sem. domains: - Adopt.) der. adapon , der. paadap

adapon [adapón] (der. of adap) adj Likable; good enough to adopt (as when jokingly referring to somebody's good work making them nice enough to adopt) Ikaw talaga ay mahugor nak anak, maganda kang adapon. You really are an industrious child you’re performance was marvellous. (sem. domains: - Like, love.)

adar-on [adár-on] fr. var. of aray-on

adayawon nato kag Dios [adayáwon nátò kag Diós] (comp. of dayaw, nato, dios) exp Let us worship, praise God. (sem. domains: - Worship, - Praise.)

adelpa [adélpa] n Flower species; oleander, adelfa. Nerium Indicum (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)

aders [áders] 1adv Changed for the worse (as of somebody's clothes, speech or behavior). (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior.) 2v To change for the worse (as of somebody's clothes, speech or behavior). Pay adersey ra si Mel tuna tong nakaasawa it mayaman. Mel seems to have different kind of ways since she has married a rich man. (sem. domains: 4.3.8 - Change behavior.)

adidas [adídas] n A dish made of chicken’s feet. paa ng manok Kag suya ninra sa paning-ugto ay adobong adidas. Their viand for lunch are marinated Chicken’s feet in vinegar and soy sauce. [Colloquial term for a cheap tasty meal, humorously named after a good quality brand of sneakers.] (sem. domains: - Food from animals.)

adik [ádik] n A drug addict (as of being addicted to marijuana or heroin). sugapá Kag tawong adik sa buyong ay pay waya sa tamang isip. A person who is a drug addict seems to be out of his mind. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.)

adika [adiká/adikár] v To aspire, persevere, strive to do a certain thing. Nag-aadhikar sida nak makatapos sa pageskwela. She’s aiming to finish her studies. (sem. domains: - Try, attempt, - Ambitious.) der. adikado

adikado [adikádo/adikáda] (der. of adika) adj Aspiring, persevering or striving to do a certain thing. [male/female] (sem. domains: - Try, attempt, - Ambitious.)

adilantado [adilantádo/adilantáda] adj Quick to make suggestions. [male/female] Nahahangit si Lino nak abang adilantado kag ida asawa. Lino is angry with his wife because she is so quick to make suggestions. (sem. domains: - Suggest.)

ading [áding] dial. var. of hapros, sikmat

adlaw [ádlaw] n 1Sun. áraw (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Day. (sem. domains: - Day.) comp. adlaw gab-i , comp. adlawey , comp. bug-os nak adlaw , comp. bunga it adlaw , der. adlaw-adlaw , der. adlawan

adlaw gab-i [ádlaw gáb-i] (comp. of adlaw, gab-i) time Day and night. [lit. day night] Adlaw gab-i si Ana it pagserbisyo sa ida di sakit nak lolo. Day and night Ana is attending to her sick grandfather. (sem. domains: - Day.)

adlaw-adlaw [adlaw-ádlaw] (der. of adlaw) time Every day; daily; day by day. (sem. domains: - Day.)

adlawan [adláwan] (der. of adlaw) v To come late in the morning when it's already daylight or well into the morning. (sem. domains: - Day, - After.)

adlawey [ádlawey] (comp. of adlaw) time Late in the morning; already daylight, well into the morning or day. [There is a cultural expectation that one rises early in the morning to begin any activity or work. [lit. day already]] (sem. domains: - Day, - After.)

ado [ádo] 1adj Good; excellent; nice; moral (as of the general term for well-made objects, nice people, pleasant weather or successful events). maganda, mabuti Maado kag ida nabaton nak balita. The news that she received was good. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral, 8.3.7 - Good.) 2v To become good or improve (as of an object, feeling or relationship). Aaduhon nako kag yuto agor mamumuot kag ako asawa. I’ll make my cooking good so that my husband will like it. [When ádo occurs with bu-ót the meaning is "to be encouraged" or "to be reconciled with someone".] (sem. domains: 8.3.7 - Good.) 3vi To recover, get well from an illness. Nag-aadoy sida sa ida sakit nak malarya. He’s recovering from malaria. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.) comp. maado it buot , comp. maado kag buot , comp. maado ngani , comp. maadong kabubut-on , der. ka-aduhan , der. maado , der. maadoy , der. paado , der. pagka-ado

adobe₁ [adóbe] n Clay plaster used in building (as of for plastering walls and making roofing tiles). (sem. domains: 6.5.3 - Building materials.)

adobe₂ [adóbe] n The hard rock base found under these islands, through which the water rises. [The layers in the ground when digging down to the bedrock are: (1) ragâ "soil", (2) soil, sand and gravel mixture, (3) soil and coral gusô "limestone", (4) búgà "soft rock" (5), bató "rocks"' which are large, (6) adóbe "bedrock" which is too hard to dig through, but through which clear water rises.] (sem. domains: - Underground.)

adobo [adóbo] (dial. var. apan-apan) n 1A dish made of marinating pork, chicken, cuttle fish, vegetables etc. in soy sauce or coconut milk with vinegar and spices. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.) 2To cook a dish made of marinating pork, chicken, cuttle fish, vegetables etc. in soy sauce or coconut milk with vinegar and spices. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)

adong₁ [ádong] conj In order to; so that; for the purpose of. hilo [Colloquial slang] syn: agor, para 2.1. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.)

adong₂ [ádong] v To have an allergic reaction to food (as from toxins in dried or salted fish, or from certain root crops etc). (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

adorno [adórno] v To adorn, dress up a woman or house (as of wearing decorative clothing or putting decorative furnishings in a house). (sem. domains: 5.4 - Adornment, 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.)

adrisa [adrísa] n The vertical ropes which form the rigging of a boat to furl and unfurl the sails. tali, lubid Kag adrisa ay nautoy nak katapokey. The rigging of the boat was cut because it’s already worn out. syn: amanti. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

adutong [adútong] n Nipple; teat (as of on a person or animal). utong Nahihirapan magsuso tong anak sa nanay dahil kag ida adutong ay uslopon.
The child finds it hard to suck his mother’s nipple because it’s short.
(sem. domains: 2.1.2 - Torso, 1.6.2 - Parts of an animal.)

adyang [adyáng] irreg. infl. of badyang

ag iba pa [ag íba pa] (comp. of ag, iba, pa) id Etcetera, etc. ; as well as other things. [lit: and other more] (sem. domains: - Other.)

ag₁ [ag] conj 1And. at Ahugasan ag atrapuhan namo ka mga pinggan. We will wash and dry the dishes. Si Juan ag si Ronald ay nagpauliey. John and Ronald have already gone home. (sem. domains: - And, also, 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.) 2Then as a result. Ingtuslok ni Bulog kag tubo ag nagliwas kag mga nagbabara. Bulog poked something down the pipe and then as a result what was blocking it came out. (sem. domains: - Result.) 3Then; then after that. Nagkaligos ag nag-ilis sida. She bathed then changed. (sem. domains: - Order, sequence.) 4But. Asing sinra ay nagpuasa ag kamo ay waya? Why do they fast but you don’t? (sem. domains: - But, 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.) comp. ag iba pa

ag₂ [ag] 1part Sf Also; agreement. Wayaey sinra nakaistar ruto, ag. I agree they don’t live there any more. syn: a. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - And, also.) 2part On the contrary; by way of correction. Hagto pa, ag! On the contrary they’re still there! (sem. domains: - Opposite, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

aga [ága] 1n Morning. umaga Aga-aga kami gisakay it dyip. It was very early morning when we took the jeep. (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) 2v To spend the night or go till morning doing something. (sem. domains: - Visit, - Day.) comp. aga-aga pa , der. aga-aga , der. agahan , der. paaga , der. paagahan

aga-aga [aga-ága] (der. of aga) n Early morning. (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)

aga-aga pa [aga-ága pa] (comp. of aga) time 1While still early or very early in the morning. [lit: morning-morning still] (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) 2While still early; very early; earlier (as of being early for any occasion or time of day). [lit: morning-morning still] (sem. domains: - Early.)

agagangis [agagángis] n Insect species; cicada. agagangis Karamo sidang nakita nak agagangis sa likor it bayay. He saw many cicada at the back of their house. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

agahan [agahán] (der. of aga) adj Being kept, lasting till morning; being kept overnight (as of left over coconut wine or cooked rice). Nag-iinom sinra it agahan nak tuba. They drink coconut wine which is freshly gathered each morning. (sem. domains: - Time of the day, 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)

agap [agáp] 1adv Earlier, early. (sem. domains: - Before.) 2vt To do something earlier than planned or expected. agap, maaga Nag-agap sinra’t pauli. They got home earlier than expected. Aagapan nato kag pag-ihaw it baktin. Let’s do the butchering of the pig earlier than that. (sem. domains: - Before.)

agar [agár] 1conj Would have... except for; it would be useless to... because of (as of an unexpected or regretable result caused by some previous happening or condition). sana Agar waya ako gisisip-una, nagpauyan ra ako. I would not have got a cold except for the fact that I went out in the rain. Agar indi sida mabada-an it dyip kung waya sida nawili sa rayanan. She wouldn’t have missed the jeep if she wouldn’t have dawdled on the way. Agar ingpayumon nako kag batag, naubos ra gihapon it takaw. It was useless for me to let the bananas ripen because they were just stolen. (sem. domains: - Except.) 2conj Although…nevertheless; despite... nevertheless. Agar indi ako magpali impatawag ra nimo. Although I hadn’t intended to come nevertheless I came because you sent for me. Agar waya sida nahuhuyog, nagpahabig sida. Although she didn’t fall nevertheless she went off the side. (sem. domains: - Concession.) 3part Merely. (sem. domains: - To a small degree.)

agas [ágas] v 1To abort a child (as of intentionally getting rid of a fetus before birth). (sem. domains: - Miscarriage.) 2To miscarry or have a miscarriage (as of accidentally losing a fetus before birth). (sem. domains: - Miscarriage.) der. paagas

agaw [ágaw] 1vbt To snatch, grab something from somebody. agaw Aagawon nako sa ida kag bola. I’ll grab the ball from him. syn: yabni, hapnit. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.) 2v To claim ownership; to argue or fight over something. (sem. domains: 4.8.2 - Fight, - Own, possess.) der. agawan

agawan [agawán] (der. of agaw) adj Being in great demand (as of something of good quality or where the item in demand is greater than the supply). agáwin (sem. domains: - Popular.)

agay-ay [agáy-ay] n Dirt-like particles left by wood borers (as of their feces). Karamong agay-ay nak makikita sa banyo pag-aga. In the morning you can see particles of wood dust from borers in the bathroom. (sem. domains: - Lumbering, - Insect.)

agbay [ágbay] v To put an arm around the shoulders of somebody when accompanying them (as of showing affection, care and guidance). (sem. domains: 7.2.5 - Accompany, 4.1.8 - Show affection.)

agbon [ágbon] n Ash of cigarettes or cigars (as of hand rolled tobacco). abo Bag-o maghaling inalimpyo anay kag agbun sa abuhan. Before making the fire we first clean the ashes off the cooking fireplace. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce, 5.2.4 - Tobacco.)

aghar [aghár] vt To cough, spit up phlegm (as of thick mucus from the throat). dura Agharan bagat maado kinang plema nimo agor mahaganhagan kaing ubo. You try to spit it up the phlegm so your coughing will subside. (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.)

aghas [ághas] dial. var. of gahasa der. pangaghas To rape somebody.

agho [ágho/agúho] n Tree species; pine tree. [The bark is used medicinally.] Casuarina Equisetifolia (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Medicinal plants.)

aghop [ághop] dial. var. of huyop der. maaghop Fresh blowing of the breeze.

agi [agî] n A male homosexual person. (colloquial) (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

agigising [agigísing] dial. var. of patilya

agík-ik [agík-ik] 1n The yap of a puppy. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) 2v To yap (as of a puppy). (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.)

agila [agilá] n Bird species; eagle, hawk. ágilá (sem. domains: - Bird.)

agimat [agímat] n Magic or protective power coming from an amulet, good luck charm or talisman. Indi matamaan it bala si Nardong Kidlat dahil inggwa sida it agimat. Nardong Kidlat could not be hit with a bullet because he has supernatural power. [The charm can be worn on clothing or implanted under the skin to protect, bring luck, or give special ability to a person. It is often said to protect one from bullets.] (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

agindan [agíndan] n Insect species; blowfly, march fly, large fly. Karamong agindan pag Agosto. There are plenty of blowflies during the month of August. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

agipot [agípot] dial. var. of kuyaw-kuyaw, aninipot

agit-agit [agit-agít] 1v To tease, mock, provoke somebody into a fight. kinukulit Aya giagit-agita kinang anak para indi magtibaw. Don’t tease the child so it won’t cry. (sem. domains: - Mock.) 2v To flirt with somebody. (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.) 3adj On-and-off especially of rain (as if it's teasing one and preventing washing from drying etc.). Agit-agit kag uyan. The rain is just on and off. (sem. domains: - Regular, - Rain.)

agiw [ágiw] 1n Soot from a fire. Kung ikaw ay nagsusuga it iwag nagkakaigwa it agiw kag ida tubo. When you light the lamp, you get soot on her lamp glass. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 2v To get soot on, become sooty or soot covered. Ing agiwan kag kisame sa kusina dahil sa rabók nak kahoy. The ceiling gets soot on it bacause of the wood fire. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 3n House dust, fluff, tiny specks of dirt (as of what collects under a bed when it isn't cleaned). (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty.) 4v To build-up, gather house dust, fluff, tiny specks of dirt somewhere. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty.)

agkay [ágkay] v To lead, hold the hand of somebody as one walks (as of keeping a child safe, showing affection, guiding a patient or elderly relative). akáyin, akay Ako Ing-agkay kag anak agor indi mawagit. I led the child by the hand so that she wouldn’t get lost. Nag-agkayan sinra pagpanaw sa tulay. They held hands walking across the bridge. (sem. domains: - Guide.)

aglipay [aglípay] n A plain pastry-like, crisp round cookie made of flour that rises to hold a bubble of air in the middle. [This aglipay cookie is named after the founder of the Philippine Independent Church, Mr Aglipay.] (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)

agom [ágom] v To experience special circumstances (as of either good or bad); to enjoy something good; to endure or bear pain. nakamtan Kada ninra naaguman kag maadong pangabuhi ay ingbuligan sinra it mayamang hali. The reason why they have experienced good things in life is because their wealthy relative helped them. Nagpaibang banwa sida matapos ida maagoman kag kabiguan sa negosyo. gShe went abroad after she had experienced failure in business. (sem. domains: - Determined, 3.4.1 - Feel good, 3.2.2 - Learn.)

agong-ong [agóng-ong] dial. var. of gana

agor [agór] conj In order to; so that; for the purpose of; just to. para Agor indi magutom ka mga anak, nagraya kami it tinapay. In order for the children not to be hungry we brought some bread with us. Ingsiling nida agor yang apahangiton ikaw. She said that just to make you angry. syn: adong, para 2.1. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.)

agra [ágra] v To invite someone to eat or for a meal. imbita Aagrahon nako sa amo bayay kag ako mga kaklase insulip. I’ll invite my classmates to our house tomorrow. Ing-agra ako nida nak mapaning-ugto sa inra. She invited me to have lunch with them. syn: ikag, imbitar. (sem. domains: - Invite.)

agrabyado [agrabyádo] 1adj Aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); victimised; oppressed; suffering loss, hurt or unfair treatment. maapi Waya gusto it Dios nak kag mga mahirap ay maging agrabyado. God doesn’t want that poor people be aggravated. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) 2v To be aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); to be victimized, oppressed, made to suffer loss, hurt or unfair treatment. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) der. pangagrabyado

agresibo [agresíbo] adj Aggressive. agresibo (sem. domains: - Oppress.)

agsam [ágsam] v To graze (as of cows or goats). magpastól Nag-agsam ako’t kambing sa bukir. I grazed the goat on the hill. syn: halin, pastor. (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields.) der. paagsam

agsik [ágsik] 1n A splash, splatter of liquid (as of oil or water). talsik, tilamsik Napaso sida it agsik it lana pagprito it isra kuman. She got burned by splashes of oil when she fried fish earlier. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water, - Liquid.) 2v To splash, splatter liquid somewhere (as of oil or water). tilamsik Naagsikan kag ida baro it yunang kada nag-ilis ray sida it baro. Her dress was splattered with mud that’s why she changed her clothes again. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water, - Liquid.) der. paagsik

agta [ágtà] 1n Negritos; small dark-skinned people. Inghingwaran sidang agta dahil sida’y maitom. He was nicknamed dark skinned man because of his black color. [The negritos are said to be the indigenous inhabitants of the Philippines. They are small, dark skinned and have curly hair.] (sem. domains: - Family, clan.) 2adj Blacky; darky (as of a nickname for someone with dark skin). ati (sem. domains: - Nickname.) 3n A small black supernatural being that lives near rivers, under large trees in virgin forest. [These beings are said to bite or pinch people and leave dark bruises on victims if disturbed by people walking in their territory. Symptoms of this are bruises on the arms when women have been washing at the river. People call out warnings, tábì "go aside", for them to go to the side of paths and avoid being walked or urinated on.] (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)

agtang [ágtang] n Chin. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

agu-ot [agu-ót] n Fish species; Black Bream. Acanthopagrus berda (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

agubay [agúbay] vbt 1To put an arm around the shoulders of somebody when accompanying them (as of showing affection, care and guidance). samahán, sabayán Ging-agubayan ni Tony si Gloria papauli para hagto magpangrayaga. Tony accompanied Gloria going home so he could court her on the way. (sem. domains: 7.2.5 - Accompany, - Show sympathy, support.) 2To support somebody financially, morally and spiritually (as of parents supporting children). (sem. domains: - Give, donate, - Interested.)

aguha [agúha] n Bagging needle which is large and curved. (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool, 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

agunisar [agunísar] vi To gasp, be short of breath or breathless in agony (as of when one is in great pain and about to die). kinakapos ang paghinga Nag-agunisar tong naligis nak anak bag-o namatay. The child cried in agony before he died after being run over. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.)

agup-op [agúp-op] n A grey or white mold that grows on bread, rice or banana. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

agusto [Agústo] n The month of August. Agósto (sem. domains: - Months of the year.)

aguyo [agúyò] 1n A groan of pain. (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, - Sound.) 2v To groan in pain. (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, - Sound.)

agwada [agwáda] dial. var. of sag-ob der. agwador A person who sells, carries and delivers water (which is bottled water nowadays).

agwador [agwadór] (der. of agwada) n A person who sells, carries and delivers water (which is bottled water nowadays). (sem. domains: 6.1.1 - Worker.)

agwanta₁ [agwánta] imp Stop pulling; pause (as of a command to those pulling in a fishing net). (sem. domains: - Fish with net.)

agwanta₂ [agwánta] vt To endure, persevere. tiis Nag-agwanta sinra’t pilay ag gutom sa pagbaoy it kahoy sa bungkag. They endured fatigue and hunger when they got wood in the jungle. (sem. domains: - Endure.)

agwat [ágwat] 1n A space; gap (as of distance or time). agwat Marako ka agwat it inra edad. There’s a big gap in their ages. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time, 8.2.6 - Distance.) 2vbt To lay-out, space things out or apart; to plan things at certain intervals of time (as of space or time e.g. planting in rows or taking breaks at different times). Aagwaton nako it tanom kag buyak it ruhang rangaw. I will space the planting of the flowers by two handspans. Aagwaton nako kag atanuman it buyak. I will lay out the spacing of the flowerbed. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time, - Separate, scatter.) 3vbt To remove, withdraw, distance something from somewhere (especially of moving a piece of burning firewood out of the centre of a fire so the fire will die down). bawasan Iagwat nako kag kimpit it kayado. I will remove some of the fire with the tongs. Pag nagpapakarayab ka imo kayado aagwatan nimo it rabok. When your fire flares up, remove some firewood. (sem. domains: - Put aside.)

ahat [ahát] 1part Barely or hardly able to do something (as of doing something with difficulty). hirap dumilat Ahat makamukyat si Rose sa sobrang tungka. Rose could hardly keep her eyes open because she’s so sleepy. (sem. domains: 9.3 - Very.) 2vt To insist, compel, force somebody to do something. nagpilit Ing-ahat it nanay kag anak nak magtumar it buyong. The mother forced the child to take the medicine. Nag-ahat sida magsimba aber ingsasagnat sida. She forced herself to go to church even though she was feverish. (sem. domains: - Compel.) der. ahat-ahat

ahat-ahat [ahat-áhat] (der. of ahat) adv Bit-by-bit; one-by-one; little by little; gradually or slowly because of difficulty. inot-inot Ahat-ahat yang kag paeskwela sa inra nak kuyang kag kwarta. They’re being sent to school one-by-one because our money is not enough. (sem. domains: - Slow.)

ahensya [ahénsya] n Agency (as of a business e.g. security, recruitment etc). (sem. domains: 4.6.3 - Government organization.)

ahente [ahénte] n Agent (as of a representative of a business enterprise). (sem. domains: 9.1.2 - Do.)

ak [ak] irreg. infl. of ako, ako

akaligusan tong tuor [akaligúsan tong tu-ór] (comp. of kaligos, tuor) id To perform a rain-making ritual. [lit: will-bathe that stump] paliliguan ang tuod Pagkatapos it pugas ay akaligusan tong tuor para mag-uyan. After planting the kaingin perform the rain-making ritual of bathing in ashes so that it will rain. [This ritual is performed to bring rain after land is cleared of trees and undergrowth (ka-íngin "slash and burn farming"), stumps burnt and the planting is done. Farmers then draw, sculpt (or have made by an albuláryo "spirit healer, medium") the shape of a person out of a block of wood which they bathe in ashes before praying to the evil spirits who own the land to give rain at night. This is wanted, so they can continue working during the day.] (sem. domains: - Religious ceremony.)

akas [ákas] 1adj Using, consuming, wasting a lot of something quickly. (sem. domains: - Use up.) 2v To quickly use, consume, be wasteful with a lot of something. Naakas kag tinta sa kasusuyat. The ink was used up in writing. (sem. domains: - Use up.)

akasya [akásya] (sp. var. acasya) n Tree species; acacia or rain tree which is a large shade tree with white, pink or yellow blossoms. Matibay nak kahoy kag akasya. Acacia is a durable wood. Samanea Saman (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)

akat [ákat] vt To challenge someone to a fight. hamon Ing-akat nidang magsuntukan tong ida kaaway. He challenged his foe to a fight. (sem. domains: - Fight against something bad.)

ako ay asagnaton it kaling presyo [akó ay asagnatón it kalíng présyo] (comp. of sagnat) exp The high price will give me a fever. [lit: I will get a fever with this price] Ako ay asagnaton it kaling presyo kung ako aatuhon. I feel sick at the high price if I go with it. (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

ako-ako₁ [ako-akô] (der. of ako) v To take charge of some work. Nag-ako-ako kang mapresidente it pyesta indi yaki nimo kaya. You took charge of the presidency for the fiesta but you can’t handle it! (sem. domains: 6.9.1 - Management.)

ako-ako₂ [ako-ákò] (der. of ako) n 1My private matter or secret. (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Private, public.) 2My own fictitious, made-up, concocted idea. (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Logical.)

ako₁ [akó] (irreg. infl. ak) pro I. [1st person singular nominative pronoun] Malarga ako insulip. I leave tomorrow. (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns.) comp. daok ako magyuto

ako₂ [ákò] (der. of ako) v 1To falsely accept, claim, acknowledge something as one's own possession. (sem. domains: - Dishonest, - Own, possess.) 2To admit, accept, acknowledge the truth about something; to confess, own up to one's sin or fault. (sem. domains: - Admit.)

ako₃ [ákò] (irreg. infl. ak) pro Mine, me, I, my, my place. [1st person singular oblique or possessive pronoun] ako, akin (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns.) comp. busogey kag ako waswit , der. ako-ako , der. ako-ako , der. ako , der. nako , der. pasaako

akupa [akupá] v To take over, take care, take charge of a whole job; to cope with doing something (as of work responsibility). kaya Kung indi kaya ninro kag trabaho ay aya giakupahi tanan. If you can’t manage the work don’t take charge of the whole thing. (sem. domains: 6.9.1 - Management.)

akusar [akusár] v To sue, accuse somebody in court. Si Kilis ay ing-akusar ni Jun tong maabutan nak nagpanakaw it sinakong bugas. Kilis was accused by Jun when he saw him stealing sack of rice. syn: habla, sana, banran. (sem. domains: - Accuse, confront.)

ala [ála] irreg. infl. of alas comp. alas dos Two o’clock. [Time is told with the Spanish numerals. lit: o’clock two]

ala una [ála úna] (comp. of uno, alas) time One o’clock. [lit: o’clock one] (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) comp. alas dos

alabton [alábton] irreg. infl. of alabuton

alabuton [alabúton] (dial. var. abot-abuton; irreg. infl. alabton) adj Moody; irritable; temperamental. sumpungin Aya giatuha si Romy dahil alabuton kina kung kausa. Don’t answer back to Romy because he’s moody sometimes. (sem. domains: 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

aladin [aladín] 1n Pressure lamp, lantern (as with a pump and mantle). aladin (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.) 2vi To use a pressure lamp or lantern. Nag-aaladin sinra pag waya’t kuryente. They’re using a pressure lantern if there’s no electricity. (sem. domains: - Light source, 5.1 - Household equipment.)

aladinet [aladinét] n Small kerosene night lamp with a glass. lampara Kag ingregalo sa amo it usa sa amo ninang tong kami ay gingkasay ay usang aladinet. What one of our sponsors gave us when we were married was a small kerosene nightlamp. (sem. domains: - Light source, 5.1 - Household equipment.)

aladineti [aladinétì] n Lantern (as of with a glass inside a wire-like frame). lampara, ilaw (sem. domains: - Light source, 5.1 - Household equipment.)

alaga [alágà] 1n One that’s being taken care of (as of a pet animal or a person e.g. child, elderly or sick person). Kag ako alaga nak anak ay marakoey. The child that I’m taking care is already grown-up. syn: alila 1. (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 4.3.4 - Do good to, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal.) 2vbt To care for something or somebody (as of a pet animal or a person e.g. child, elderly or sick person). alaga Ing-alagaan sida it ida lola. He was cared for by his grandmother. (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 4.3.4 - Do good to, 6.3.1 - Domesticated animal.) der. paalaga

alagar [alagár] dial. var. of suguon

alahas [aláhas] n 1Jewel; gemstone. alahas Sida ay mahilig sa mamahayon nak alahas. She is fond of expensive jewelry. (sem. domains: - Jewel.) 2Jewelry (as of earings, necklaces, rings and bracelets). (sem. domains: 5.4.1 - Jewelry.) der. alahero , der. mang-aalahas

alahero [alahéro/alahéra] (der. of alahas) n Jeweler. [male/female] alahero (sem. domains: 5.4.1 - Jewelry.)

alambri [alámbri] n Wire (as of the general term for all wire used in building, clothes lines etc). (sem. domains: 6.5.3 - Building materials.)

alang-alang [alang-álang] (irreg. infl. ayang-ayang) rel For the sake or benefit of someone (as in serving, representing or showing respect for someone). alang-alang Magkaon ka’t mga prutas alang-alang sa ikakaado it imo yawas. Eat fruit for the sake of your health. Alang-alang sa imo kaluwasan, magpakatinoey ikaw. For the sake of your salvation, be sober now. Nagbinuligan sinra alang-alang sa ikakatahimik it banwa. They helped each other for the sake of the peace of the community. (sem. domains: 9.6 - Connected with, related.)

alanganin [alangánin] 1adv Feeling unsure, fearful, apprehensive or caught between two choices. alangan Alanganin rang mag-idamo ako it Jackstone ay maguyangey ako. It’s improper for me to play jackstones since I’m too old for that. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 2v To feel, be unsure, fearful, apprehensive, or caught between two choices. alangan Nag-aalangan sida nak maglarga pa-Simara dahil makusog kag ragat. He’s not sure whether to leave for Simara because the sea is rough. Nag-aalanganin sida nak waya nabaton it ida manghor katong parayang kwarta. She fears that the money sent to her sister wasn’t received. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 3adv Unable, unfit, ineligible to do something. (sem. domains: - Wrong, unsuitable.) 4adj Being a little, slightly under ripe or not quite ripe. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

alas dos [álas dos] (comp. of ala, dos, alas, ala una) time Two o’clock. [Time is told with the Spanish numerals. lit: o’clock two] (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)

alas dose [álas dóse] (id. of alas, dose) time 1Twelve o'clock; noon; mid-day. katanghalíang tapát (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) 2Lunchtime, siesta time (as of anywhere from 11am-1pm when people eat and rest, and some offices close). (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)

alas₁ [álas] (irreg. infl. ala) adv O’clock; the time of day; the time by the clock (as with Spanish numerals 2-12 for the hours, and minutes). alas Kag ato paning-ugto ay sa alas-onse. Our lunch will be at eleven o’clock. Mahalin kita it ala-una. We leave at one o’clock. (sem. domains: - Time of the day.) comp. ala una , comp. alas dos , id. alas dose

alas₂ [alás] n The ace, number one card in any of the four suits in a deck of cards (as of in the suits of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) . Sida’t nakabunot it alas sa baraha. He was the one who drew the ace from the pack of cards. (sem. domains: - Card game.)

alawihaw [alawíhaw] n Tree species with bunches of sour yellow fruit, the timber from which is used in house construction. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)

albityo [albítyo] n A permit or rental fee for space to sell in the market; a rental fee for a parking space. renta, buwis Nagbabadar sida it albityo pag nabaligya it isra sa mercado. He is paying a permit fee if he sells fish in the market. (sem. domains: - Hire, rent, - Sell.)

albor₁ [álbor] 1v To ask for a special item belonging to somebody so it can be kept as a keepsake, remembrance of them (as of asking for the dress of a close friend or relative). nakahingi, arbor Nakaalbor ako it bag-ong baro sa ako manghor nak halin sa Amerika. I was able to ask for a new dress from my younger sister who came from America. syn: hingyo, hagar. (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request.) 2vbt To ask to be given special charge, oversight of a prisoner (as of a request by police or wealthy people to be able to take care of a family member or friend in house arrest, or take revenge on an enemy). (sem. domains: - Discriminate, be unfair.)

albor₂ [álbor] dial. var. of alburuto

albularyo [albuláryo] n A healer of supernatural and natural ailments (by means of religious rituals and/or herbal medicines); traditional healer; untrained doctor; herbalist; a medium. medico, albularyo [Nowadays some people will call them a "quack doctor" but they are still sought for many treatments.] syn: miriko. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

album [álbum] n Photo album. (sem. domains: - Photography, 5.1.2 - Household decoration.)

alburuto [alburúto] (dial. var. albor) v To swear or use bad, vulgar unwholesome words. (sem. domains: - Insult.)

aldaba [aldába] dial. var. of trangka

aley [aléy] irreg. infl. of maley

alibangbang [alibángbang] n Fish species; spotfin butterfly fish. alibangbang [Yellow coloured flat reef fish up to 20cm long with blackline through eye and near tail. It has a small mouth and teeth.] (sem. domains: - Fish.)

alibay [álibay] 1n Alibi; excuse. (sem. domains: - Escape, - Tell a lie.) 2v To present an alibi; to make an excuse. Nag-alibay sidang mahapros kag ngisi para indi mapakaon it matam-is. She made the excuse that her tooth is aching so that she wouldn’t have to eat sweets. (sem. domains: - Tell a lie, - Defend against accusation.)

alibhat [alíbhat] vt 1To acknowledge, greet, respond, show respect towards someone. pansin Kag mga tawo ay wayaey nagaalibhat sa ingsesermon it pari. The people don’t pay attention to the sermon of the priest. (sem. domains: - Greet, - Answer.) 2To ignore, snub (as of "not" acknowledging, greeting, responding, showing respect towards someone as socially expected). (sem. domains: - Greet, - Answer, - Impolite.) der. pangalibhat

alibotbot [alibótbot] n Tree species of which the juice of the fruit has medicinal properties. [The juice of the unripe egg sized fruit is used to clean, heal and dry up cuts or skin infections. ] (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Medicinal plants.)

alibutor [alibútor] n The cob of corn (as of without kernels). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

aligi [aligí] n The orange fat of crabs which is more plentiful in the females. aligi Karamong aligi tong alimangong nabakay ni Mel. The crabs Mel bought have lots of orange fat. (sem. domains: - Parts of small animals.)

alihir [alíhir] n The area beside or alongside something (as of a road, ocean or building). (sem. domains: - Beside.) der. pangalihir

alíkir [alíkir] 1n Rolls, balls, skeins (as of rope, split dried strips of palm leaves for weaving or dried tobacco leaves for storage). (sem. domains: - Roll up.) 2vbt To roll up into balls or skeins (as of rope, split dried strips of palm leaves for weaving or dried tobacco leaves for storage). Ing-alikir nako kag buli. I rolled up the buri leaves into balls. (sem. domains: - Roll up.)

alikumos [alikúmos] n Crab species which is a small edible yellow and black spotted marine crab found along the rocky shoreline. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

alila [alílà] 1n A pet (as of a pet animal). alaga Igwa ako’t alila nak pikoy. I have a pet parrot. syn: alaga 1. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals.) 2n A slave, servant. (sem. domains: - Slave.) 3vt To act like a servant in taking care of something (as of things, animals or people). Katong ilo nak anak ay ingpaalila sa ida ibang hali. They had the orphan child taken care of by her other relatives. (sem. domains: - Worried.) der. paalila

alili [alíli] n A large high interest loan, advance of money to be repaid in rice at harvest (as of a loan set at a low market value for the rice or at a very high interest rate e.g. up to 50%). (sem. domains: 6.8.5 - Borrow.) der. paalili

aliluya [alilúya] 1excl Hallelujah; Alleluja. Nagkanta it aliluya kag mga anak pagsuyor ni Hesus sa Herusalem. The children sang hallelujah to Jesus when he entered Jerusalem. [This means "praise God" in Hebrew.] (sem. domains: - Worship.) 2v To sing praises to God; to sing hallelujah. Halleluyah (sem. domains: - Worship.)

alimango [alimángo] n Crab species which is an edible black and orange crab about 15cm across which is usually found in freshwater mud. alimasag syn: alimasag. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

alimasag [alimásag] n Crab species which is an edible crab about 5cms across, in black and green coloring. katáng syn: alimango. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

alimbubudog [alimbubúdog] n Insect species; wasp; hornet (as with black and yellow stripes that makes a mud nest and gives a painful bite). (sem. domains: - Insect.)

alimbukar [alimbúkar] (dial. var. alimpuyos) 1n Whirlpool; ripples (as of water around, from a central point). (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) 2vi To bubble up; to foam; to effervesce; to ripple (as of water when it’s boiling, coming from a spring or as it falls in a pool.) bula, kumukulo Nag-aalimbukar kag tubi sa sapa. The water in the river was rippling. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.)

alimongmong [alimóngmong] (dial. var. abrigo) 1n A garment to put around one’s shoulders; a shawl, cape, robe. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.) 2vbt To put, wear, wrap a garment, shawl around one’s shoulders. balabal Alimongmongi si Hamen baling mauyanan. You put a garment on Hamen’s shoulders or he might get wet in the rain. (sem. domains: 5.3.7 - Wear clothing.) der. pangalimongmong

alimpuwas [alimpúwas] dial. var. of takas, buhi der. paalimpuwas To make somebody leave, get out or away from somewhere (as of from trouble, danger or flood etc.). , der. pangalimpuwas To get out, away from somewhere; to leave a place or escape a situation (as of trouble or flood).

alimpuyo [alimpúyo] (dial. var. alimpuyos) n The crown, cowlick in the hair on one’s head or eyebrows (as of when the hair curls around a central point). puyò, alimpuyo Igwa sida’t ruhang alimpuyo sa uyo. He has two crowns on his head. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)

alimpuyos [alimpuyós] dial. var. of alimpuyo, alimbukar

alimudong [alimudóng] n Bud; new flowers before the fruit grows. bubot Karamong alimudong nak buyak kag kayabasa. There are many new flowers on the squash vine. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

alingit [alingít/áringít] adj Irritable, grumpy, ill-humored. sumpungin Alingit si Bulog kung pirdi sa madyong. Bulog is irritable if he’s not winning in the madjong session. (sem. domains: - Angry.)

alipatok [alipátok] 1n Flying ash, sparks, embers (as of burning sparks carried by the wind and air). alipatok Kag alipatok halin sa rabok ay nagyupar sa inra kuyungan. The burning embers from the fire flew towards their roof. syn: asak-asak 2. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.) 2vbt To be hit, covered with flying, airborne sparks or burning embers from a fire. Naalipatokan kag inra kuyungan it bayay. The roof of their house was hit with burning pieces from the fire. (sem. domains: 5.5.5 - What fires produce.)

alisngaw [alisngáw] (dial. var. ayumog; dial. var. anghaw) 1n Heat, vapor,bad odor emitted by something (as from hot ground after rain or someone with body odor). Kag alisngaw it ida gaos ay ako nababahuan. I can smell the odor emitted by his perspiration. (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 1.3 - Water.) 2vi To emit, give off heat, vapor, odor of something. singaw Katong baho it sirang itlog ay nag-aalisngaw sa likutan. The smell of the spoiled egg is being emitted from the trash can. (sem. domains: 2.3 - Sense, perceive, 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) der. maalisngaw

alisto [alísto] (der. of listo) 1adj Always prepared, ready. Permi sida nak alisto magkanta sa simbahan. She’s always prepared to sing in church. Syn: listo 1. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.) 2v To prepare; to get something ready. handa Nag-alisto ako it merienda sa inro pero waya kamo girayan. I prepared merienda for you but you didn’t come by. Listuha kag imo raya nak mahaliney kita. Get your things ready, we’re going to leave now. (sem. domains: - Prepare something for use.)

alkampor [alkámpor] n Camphor balls (as of the slow release insecticide that is used to keep insects out of stored clothes and paper). alkampor [This is made from trees of the laurel family e.g. camphor laurel.] (sem. domains: - Preserve.) comp. asyeti di alkamporado

alkansiya [alkansíya] n Money box or bank; piggy bank (as of a small container for saving coins). alkansya (sem. domains: - Collect.)

alkitran [alkitrán] n Creosote; pitch; black tar (as of the ingredient in asphalt, which is painted on electrical poles and roofing timbers to protect them from damp rot and insects). Ingbutangan ni Bulog it alkitran kag poste it bayay para indi gisakaan it anay. Bulog put creosote on the posts of their house so they would be free from termites. (sem. domains: 6.5 - Working with buildings.)

alkuhol [álkuhol/árkuhol] n 1Rubbing alcohol (as for rubbing on the skin for medicinal purposes). [1-propane-ol, iso-propanol] (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.) 2Lighting alcohol, methylated spirits (as for lighting pressure lamps). [ethanol ethyl alcohol] (sem. domains: 5.5.6 - Fuel.)

almanaki [almanáki] n A book called an almanac that is produced yearly to give information on weather and the "right times" to do things during the year (e.g. when farmers should plant, when fishermen should fish for certain fish, and when to move into a new house). (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time.)

almasin [almasín] dial. var. of tinrahan, tersina

almendro [alméndro] n Nut species; almond (as of a nut like pili that grows on trees). (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from fruit.)

almidor [álmidor] (dial. var. armidon) n 1Starch for stiffening clothes. almidor Indi anay mag-almidor ngasing nak pay mauyan busa. Don’t starch things today as it seems like it might rain. [Traditionally gáwgaw "starch" was made from arrowroot, cassava or maize (corn).] (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) 2To starch, stiffen clothes. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.) 3To have clothes be starched, stiffened. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)

almiris [almirís] n Mortar and pestle (as of the marble ones made and used locally to grind spices in a kitchen). almiris, tuktokan (sem. domains: - Pound in mortar and pestle.)

almuhadon [almuhadón] n Small drawer in a table, desk or cupboard. Hina sa almuhadon it makina bay-a kag mga bunang. You get the thread which is there in the small drawer in the sewing machine. (sem. domains: - Cabinet.)

almuranas [almuránas] n 1Hemorrhoid; pile. [These are dilated veins in the region of the anus.] (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.) 2Rectal hernia. [This is caused when the lining of the rectum protrudes from the anus.] (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

alpas [álpas] v To free oneself, break free; to break away and run; to escape (as from a restraining tie, hold). alpasan, takas Kag usang priso ay nakaalpas sa ida gapos sa kadina ag sida ay nakatakas. One prisoner broke free from the chains that bound him and he escaped. (sem. domains: - Move away.)

alsa [álsa] 1vt To lift up something. (sem. domains: - Lift.) 2v To cut a deck of cards. (sem. domains: - Card game.)

alsada [alsáda] 1adj Items having been gotten on consignment so they can be sold to make a profit for oneself as well as being able to pay for the original items. Unsold items can be returned. (sem. domains: - Credit.) 2v To get items on consignment so as to sell them and make a profit for oneself as well as pay for the original items. Unsold items can be returned. (sem. domains: - Credit.)

altapresyon [altaprésyon] n High blood pressure. Ing-ataki ray sida’t altapresyon dahil ingtakawan sida’t inra kabulig. She got an attack of high blood pressure because her maid stole something from her. (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

altar [áltar] n 1Altar; holy area inside a church at the front. [This is the area at the front of a church, particularly of Roman Catholic and Philippine Independent Churches, where there is a eucharist, communion and offering table, a Bible stand, pulpit, Blessed Sacrament cupboard, baptismal font and crucifix or cross. During worship there are also items like candlesticks, wine chalice and plates.] (sem. domains: 4.9.8 - Religious things.) 2Altar or shrine in one’s home (as in a private area including a saint’s picture or statue and perhaps candles and an offering shelf and bible). [This is a shelf, niche or table in a home, where religious icons stand, whether Christian or of other religious traditions. In traditional religions it is where food offerings are made to the ancestors or souls of the dead.] (sem. domains: 4.9.8 - Religious things.)

alubera [alubéra] n Plant species; Aloe vera which has medicinal properties. [The juice of the plant is used to relieve burns and encourage healthy growth or regrowth of hair.] (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

alugbat [alúgbat] n Plant species which is an edible green leafy vegetable that tastes like spinach, where the leaves and stems of young shoots are used in stews. libáto [It is a climbing plant known as Malabar Nightshade. ] Basella rubra (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)

alugbay [alugbáy] vbt To put an arm around the shoulders of somebody when accompanying them (as of showing affection, care and guidance). akbay Ingalugbayan nako sida agor indi matumba. I put my arms around her shoulders so she won’t fall down. Nag-aalugbayan kag mga kayaki sa pagpanaw. The men have their arms around each others shoulders when walking. (sem. domains: 7.2.5 - Accompany, - Show sympathy, support.)

alwan [álwan] 1adj Easy; light (as of difficulty of work, a light load or easy lifestyle). madali,magaan Maalwan kag ako trabaho kung ako gingtitigusa-usa yang. My work is easy if I do things just one by one. (sem. domains: - Easy, possible.) 2v To become easier, lighter (as of difficulty of work, a light load or easy lifestyle). (sem. domains: - Easy, possible.) 3v To be, become relieved, lighter (as of one's feelings of concern). (sem. domains: - Worried.) der. maalwan

am [am] n Rice which has been finely ground until it is powder-like, that is cooked to a watery consistency to use as a milk substitute for babies. Masustansiya kag am nak ipakaon sa anak. The water off cooking rice is nutritious to be fed to a child. [If the family can afford it, a desertspoonful of milk will be mixed into this mixture.] (sem. domains: - Beverage, - Care for a baby.)

amag [ámag] 1n Fungus species; mold (as on stale bread, rice etc.). amag Utuya kag tinapay nak ingwa’t amag. Cut off the part of the bread that has mold in it. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.) 2vi To go, become moldy; to grow mold. Ing-amagey kag tinapay nak ako ingbakay itahapon yang. The bread I bought just yesterday is already moldy. (sem. domains: 2.3.4 - Smell.)

amak [ámak] vbt To use as kindling to light a fire (as of paper, coconut husks or small pieces of wood). pandikit ng apoy Nagbutang sida it mga rabók sa abuhan bag-o magpaamak it papel ag isuyong sa mga rabók. She put the firewood on the cooking fireplace before she lit the paper and put it among the firewood. Kag ida ing-amak paghaling it kayado ay mga sinipilyuhan. What she lights for kindling when making a fire is wood shavings. Nag-amak ako it dyaryo sa kalan. I used newspaper to light the charcoal stove. Aamakan nako it dyaryo kag ako haling. I will light the fire I’ve built with newspaper. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire.) der. paamak , der. pangamak

amamaga₁ [amamagá] n Insect species; spider which makes a web in the bushes and gives a painful bite. (sem. domains: - Spider.)

amamaga₂ [amamága] dial. var. of hudlipan

amamakoy [amamakóy] n Mushroom species which is an edible mushroom that is brown on top and white underneath which is often found under banana palms. kabuti Karamo nak makikitang amamakoy nak nagbuskar sa habig it sapa pag buyan it Agosto. You will see lots of mushrooms growing along the river banks during the month of August. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

amamawík [amamawík] n Crab species which is a small white marine sand crab 2-3cm across. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

amamayay [amamayáy] n Snake species, which is a small snake that will live in the roof of houses or under the fireplace shelf. Tuytuga nang lata para makibot tong amamayay ag indi gi kaonon kag buyan. You strike the can so the dragon can hear and won’t eat the moon. syn: bakunawa. (sem. domains: - Snake.)

aman [áman] 1adv Provided, kept, reserved especially for somebody (as of to meet their needs at the right time). (sem. domains: - Provide for, support.) 2v To keep, reserve something for use when needed. (sem. domains: - Provide for, support.) der. paaman

amanti [amánti] n The rigging, ropes of a boat. lubid Ingbira nida kag amanti it baroto. He pulled the rigging of the boat. syn: adrisa. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

amaranhig [amaránhig] 1n Apparition of a dead person. (sem. domains: - Life after death, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2v To come back from death to haunt people; to appear as an apparition of a dead person (as of an evil experience). pabalik-balik Nag-amaranhig tong ida tatay tong namatay. His father died and returned to life that time he was pronounced dead. Kag tatay ay nag-amaranhig halin sa pagkamatay. Father had a dead person appear to him after that person had died. (sem. domains: - Life after death.) 3v To appear, turn up after a long absence (as of a joking comment). (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

amat ay [ámat ay] (comp. of amat) conj Lest; in case; in the event of; might; the result might be (as of warning about an anticipated contingency which may effect ones actions). [Sentence initial or medial] baka sakali Kung maado ka panahon amat ay makapaRomblon kami. If the weather is good as a result we might go to Romblon. (sem. domains: - Clause conjunctions, - Reason.)

amat-amat [amat-ámat] (der. of amat) 1adv Little by little; gradually. paunti-unti, inot-inot syn: inot-inot 2. (sem. domains: - Slow.) 2v To do something little-by-little, gradually. paunti-unti Maamat-amatey kami it human it bayay habang waya pa it anak. We will start little by little in building a house while we don’t have a child yet. (sem. domains: - Slow.)

amat₁ [ámat] adv 1A little later. (sem. domains: - Postpone.) 2To leave somewhere. (sem. domains: 7.2.2 - Move in a direction.) comp. maamatey kami , der. amat-amat

amat₂ [ámat] conj Lest; in case; in the event of; might; the result might be (as of warning about an anticipated contingency which may effect ones actions). [Sentence initial] baka Amat mayagok kinang isra kung isag pa nimo yutuon. In case the fish goes bad if you cook it later (just cook it now). Syn: abat 1, baka 1. (sem. domains: - Clause conjunctions, - Reason.) comp. amat ay

amatong [amátong] 1n A very large basket for storing grain, root crops or vegetables (as of after harvest); a basket granary that will hold 24 sacks of rice. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.) 2vt To store grain, root crops or vegetables in a very large basket (as of after harvest). inimbak Inra ing-amatong kag inra bag-ong tubas nak payay. They stored their newly-harvested rice in their basket granary. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.)

ambag [ámbag] 1n A share of something (as of work, a slaughtered pig or a catch of fish). (sem. domains: - Share with.) 2vbt To order, receive a share of something (as of work, a slaughtered pig or a catch of fish). ambag, hati Ing-ambagan ninra kag patrabaho it kuray. They shared in the work of making the fence. Maambag baga kamo it baktin? Will you order a share of pig? syn: amot 1. (sem. domains: - Share with.)

ambang [ámbang] vbt 1To ambush, block the way, lay in wait for somebody or something. tambang Inambangan sinra it inra kaaway. They were blocked on the way by their enemies. (sem. domains: - Ambush.) 2To wait to catch a passing jeep. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel, - Wait.)

ambi [ámbi] vbt To have rain blow inside a house. anggi Tong waya nida nasirhe kag gaha, pag-ambi ay nabasa kag mga libro sa suyor. When she didn’t close the window, the books inside got wet when the rain blew inside. Naambihan kag mga gamit mayungot sa gaha. The rain blew onto the things close to the window. syn: sayuksok. (sem. domains: - Rain.)

ambisyuso [ambisyúso] adj Ambitious (as of actively wanting to improve one's situation in life). [From English "ambitious".] (sem. domains: - Purpose, goal.)

ambit [ámbit] sta 1To resemble, appear or look similar to somebody or something. magkahawig, magkapareho Maambit ikaw kang Maria pag magtaba-taba ka pa. You’ll resemble Maria if you grow a little bit fatter. Naambitan kag inra tabas it baro. gThe design of their dresses looks similar. syn: tuyar 1.1, pareho, hawig, tugma, parehas 1. (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) 2To resemble, appear or look similar to eachother (as of two or more things). (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) der. paambit

ambo [ámbò] n Animal species; rodent, rat, mouse. dagâ (sem. domains: - Rodent.) comp. talingat ambo , comp. talingat ambo

ambulansya [ambulánsya] n Ambulance. ambulánsiya (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.)

ambuyong [ambuyóng] dial. var. of nipa

Amerikana [Amerikána] n Suitcoat; sports coat; blazer (as of a coat and tie worn in American style). Amerikana Si Martin Nievera ay nagsoksok it Amerikana tong ida kasay. Martin Nievera wore a suitcoat on his wedding day. (sem. domains: 5.3.1 - Men's clothing.)

Amerikano [Amerikáno/Amerikána] (der. of kano) n 1A person of American nationality American, white, caucasian person, thing. [male/female terms] (sem. domains: - Race.) 2A person with white skin. (sem. domains: - Race.)

amigo [amígo/amíga] 1n Friend. [male/female terms] kaibígan (sem. domains: 4.1.1 - Friend.) 2vt To befriend, make friends with somebody. Aamigohon nako tong bag-ong empleyado sa eskul. I will make friends with the new school employee. Ing-amigo sida dahil ingsira nida kag inra bayay. He was befriended by spirits because he destroyed their house. (sem. domains: 4.1.1 - Friend.) 3vt To have a spirit being befriend, become familiar with, possess somebody (as by evil spirits, fairies or dwarfs). (sem. domains: - Demon possession.) der. magamigo , der. palaamigo

amíhan [amíhan] 1n Strong seasonal wind from the North East which brings rain between October to February; NE monsoon. amihan [The NE monsoon is when most of the bágyo "typhoons" occur locally. It follows the season of habágat "SW monsoon" which brings the time of makúsog nak rágat "rough seas" between June and September.] (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain.) 2loc North Easterly (as of the wind between October and February). (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain.) 3v To have the wind change, turn from the South West to blow from the North East, beginning the NE monsoon season that lasts from October to February. (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain.)

amilong [amilóng] n Crab species which is an edible marine crab with black and orange spots about 10cm across. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

amimispis [amimíspis] dial. var. of bila-bila

amin-Hesus [amín-Hesús] dial. var. of bibig

amin₁ [amín] vbt To greet, farewell someone older by bowing and placing the elder's hand on one's forehead for a blessing. halik sa kamay, mano Ato aamenan si Tatay isag. We’ll ask Tatay later for his hand blessing on our foreheads. [This is the traditional greeting or farewell gesture of respect by younger members of a family or community to their elders. It conveys love and affection, and requests the blessing from the elder, somewhat equivalent of a kiss or is followed by a kiss. The elder responds by praying for or pronouncing a blessing on the person. This is still a custom seen as people greet their elders in church, especially following eucharist or communion.] (sem. domains: - Bless.)

amin₂ [ámin] vt To confess, admit, own up to one’s guilt. tanggap, amin Ing-aamin nida nak kuyang kag ida naitao nak sinsilyo sa ako. She confesses that the change she gave me wasn’t right. Ida kuno aaminon kag ida mga kasal-anan sa ida nanay. She said that she’ll confess her sins to her mother. (sem. domains: - Admit, - Bad, immoral.)

amindigit [amíndigit/amíndikit] n 1Little digit on hand or foot; little toe; little finger; pinky (as of little finger). hinliliit Kahapros ka ako amindigit sa siki. My little toe hurts. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.) 2A fraction of something; a small part by comparison (as of a comparison of wealth). Waya pa it usang amindikit kag imo kayamanan kung ikumpara sa ako kayamanan. Your wealth is not yet one fraction of my wealth if you compare them. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

aminrakoy [aminrakóy/amindakóy] (der. of rako) n Large digit on hand or foot; thumb; big toe (as of the general term). hinlalakí (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

amising [amísing] 1n Shavings off weaving strips, leaves. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.) 2v To shave off strings, strips from leaves used in weaving (as of guwáng, pandanus palm fronds used for sleeping mats). Ako ginghagar kay Nanay tong ida mga sobra nak amising. I asked Mother for the extra shavings from her weaving strips. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

amnan [ámnan] dial. var. of tagiptip

amo dungganon nak Ginoo [ámò dunggánon nak Ginóo] (comp. of dungganon, ginoo) exp Our majestic, distinguished, noble, excellent, honorable Lord; your highness, majesty, excellency (as of a title for a king or God). [term of address] aming Kagalanggalang na Hari Kag amo dungganon nak Hari ay makusog ag mabuot ra. Our Majestic King is strong and kind too. (sem. domains: 4.6.1 - Ruler, 4.9.1 - God, - Title, name of honor.)

amo halandong hari [ámò halándong Hárì] (comp. of halandon, hari) exp Our distinguished, noble, excellent, honorable King; your highness, majesty, excellency (as of a title for a person of honor like a king, governor or distinguished guest). [term of address] (sem. domains: 4.6.1 - Ruler, 4.3.2 - Admire someone, - Title, name of honor.)

amo respitadong hari [ámò respitádong Hárì] (comp. of respito, hari) exp Our respected, distinguished, honorable King (as of a title for a person of honor). [term of address] aming respitadong hari Kag amo respitadong Hari ay ramong kaamigo. Our respected King has many friends. (sem. domains: 4.3.2 - Admire someone, - Title, name of honor.)

amo-amo₁ [amo-ámò] (der. of amo) vt To cajole, persuade someone to cooperate; to comfort, pacify with gentle words. inamo-amo, aliwin Ingamo-amo sida it ida nanay para yang magpauli. He was cajoled by his mother so as to go home. Si Aljun ay ako gingamo-amo para magnunot papagto sa doctor. I comforted Aljun with gentle words so that he would come with me to the doctor. (sem. domains: - Persuade.)

amo-amo₂ [amo-ámò] (der. of amo) n 1Our (excl) private matter, secret; something just between us (excl). (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Private, public.) 2Our (excl) fictitious idea; our (excl) own made-up, concocted idea. (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Imagine.)

amo₁ [amô] n Animal species; monkey. (sem. domains: - Primate.)

amo₂ [ámo] (der. of amo) v To falsely claim as our (excl) own possession. (sem. domains: - Dishonest, - Own, possess.)

amo₃ [ámò] vbt To be, become emotionally attached to someone; to be familiar, used to someone; to follow, go with someone (as of one person to another or a dog to a master). sumusunod Waya ka amo iro giaámò sa ibang tawo. Si Mike ay nag-aamo aber kanin-ong tawo. Mike is familiar with anyone. (sem. domains: - Dog, - Like, love.) der. amo-amo

amo₄ [ámo] n Boss; master; landlord, landlady. amo (sem. domains: 4.5.1 - Person in authority.)

amo₅ [ámò] (irreg. infl. ang) pro Our, ours, us, our place. [1st person plural exclusive oblique or possessive pronoun] amin (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns.) der. amo-amo , der. amo , der. namo , der. pasaamo

amok [ámok] v To go beserk, crazy and injure, murder people; to run amok. amok [This is a term that has been adopted into English from Asian and other non-Western countries.] (sem. domains: - Kill.)

amor-amor [amor-amór] n Love; loving feelings. pag-ibig Wayang gador sida’t ka-amor-amor sa ida napangasawa dahil sugaroy. She really has no loving feelings towards her husband because he is a gambler. (sem. domains: - Like, love, 2.6.1 - Marriage.)

amorsíkos [amorsíkos] n Plant species with prickly burrs and which has medicinal uses. marisekos [The entire plant is made into a drinkable liquid that promotes the passing of urine.] Andropogon Aciculatus (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)

amot [ámot] v 1To add what is lacking in betting money raised by others; to raise the amount bet (as of a solo or group bet when one sees a good hand or winning opportunity in which one can share). amot Nag-amot it dos pesos si Laudy sa pusta ni Bulog sa pusoy. Laudy raised two pesos over Bulog’s poker bet. Pag magbuyang si Art ay naamot si Bert. When Art goes to cockfights Bert raises Art’s bet. syn: ambag 2. (sem. domains: - Gambling.) 2To play, bet on the play of somebody else (as of play in a gambling game). Si Ulaw ay nag-amot sa pusta ni Vic. Ulaw had placed a bet by Vic’s play. (sem. domains: - Gambling.) 3To gain, seek, crave, hanker after something (as of food, money, love or attention). (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.)

ampas [ámpas] n Shell species, which is a snail; Polita Nerite, about 2cm across. [p36 Abbott] Nerita polita Linne (Abbott). (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

ampat [ámpat] v To staunch, stop the flow of blood or other body fluid; to stop, cure a fever or sickness with medicine; Naampat kag ida sagnat it tong medicol. His fever was cured by the medicol. Naampat kag ako bugrit. My diarrhea has stopped. syn: pundo, ruyog, tungon 1, tungon 2, humpay, pigil, punro 1, hupa, pundo-pundo 2. (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.)

ampin [ámpin] dial. var. of apin der. kaampin Ally; allies; camp; fans; followers of a sports team; defender; advocate; one on one’s side, team; a supporter. kakampi His constant mistress.

ampo [ámpò] 1n Prayer; praying. Mahaba kag inra ampo tong gab-i. They said a long prayer last night. (sem. domains: - Pray.) 2vbt To kneel and pray. manalangin Nagpinang-ampoey kag mga tawo kay Hesus tong mag-uyan it todo-todo. The people knelt and prayed fervently to Jesus when rain poured heavily. Mag-ampo kita it waya’t pagtungon. We should pray unceasingly. syn: pangamuyo, rasay 1, rasay 2. (sem. domains: - Pray, 7.1.4 - Kneel.) 3vbt To kneel and show one is sorry for doing wrong. It also shows submission and willingness to obey one's elders. (sem. domains: 7.1.4 - Kneel, - Sorry.)